Author: Jason Leenaarts

#71-Taming Your Hunger With Josh Hillis

Josh Hillis, author of the fantastic book Fat Loss Happens On Monday (with Dan John), joins me this week. As the third coach from One By One Nutrition to share the show with me, Josh brings some best practices to help with food prep, hunger signals and goal setting. This show is jammed with amazing […]

#70-An “Au”some Father’s Day With Patrick Umphrey

Patrick Umphrey joins me this week to get a little bit off topic and away from health and fitness to chat about fatherhood. We share the bond of being parents to amazing young boys with autism and we take some time to celebrate being a Dad, the unique traits of our sons and of course, […]

#69-Case Studies In Disordered Eating With Brenda Murdock, RD

Registered dietitian, Brenda Murdock joins me this week as we take a new angle in the discussion of disordered eating. I used 5 scenarios from current clients (taken anonymously) to get Brenda’s take on effective strategies to help them. The catch with this episode is that Brenda has no knowledge ahead of time about the […]

#68-Practical Solutions For Diastasis Recti With Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall

I have the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall this week. Dr. Sarah is a physical therapist who has done an incredible amount of work putting out material regarding the pelvic floor, post-partum core work and our topic this week, diastasis recti. You can learn more about Dr. Sarah’s work at To […]

#67-On Metabolic Damage With James Krieger

Internationally hailed researcher, James Krieger, joins me this week to discuss his stance on metabolic damage. We talk about the theory that repeated bouts of dieting can slow your metabolism down and affect future weight loss efforts. James has spent over two decades uncovering the research and studies related to fitness and nutrition so that […]

#66-Why Me Want Eat? With Krista Scott-Dixon

On the heels of her awesome new book, Why Me Want Eat?, Krista Scott-Dixon of Precision Nutrition fame comes on the show to talk about this new project. Krista has not only delivered an excellent read for those struggling on their weight loss journey, it is honestly one of the most unique books of its […]

#65-Should Everyone Be Powerlifting? With Tim Henriques

Tim Henriques is the author of All About Powerlifting and Director of NPTI covering Virginia, Maryland and DC. In this week’s episode, we tackle his All About Powerlifting project and discuss why he wrote the book and the contributions he feels every fitness enthusiast needs to recognize with regard to powerlifting in the fitness realm. We […]

#64-Getting Lean Minded With Mike Howard

Mike Howard, founder of Lean Minded and author of Talking Back To Diet Gurus, is my guest this week.  We talk about many of the unfortunate side effects the general population faces when they’re influenced by diet misinformation. Mike explains why he wrote his excellent book and how many of those philosophies continue to shape […]

#63-Is Your Cell Phone Affecting Your Health? With Dr. Jacob Barkley

I am joined in the studio with Dr. Jacob Barkley, Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Kent State University, to discuss his work with cell phone behaviors. Dr. Barkley has done an incredible amount of research and published studies looking at the correlation between sedentary behaviors and cell phone use. You can see more of […]

#62-Not A Delicate Flower: Empowering Females In Fitness With Meghan Callaway

Meghan Callaway joins me this week to talk about her efforts in empowering women to be and achieve more with their fitness plans. We discuss some of the pervasive notions that women can only achieve great bodies through low resistance and unrealistic time constraints that seem to be perpetuated by the media and fitness celebrities. […]