Author: Jason Leenaarts

And Again…Thank You

I try to remain mindful of how and when and how often I express my gratitude. I know it’s “that time of year” and this article is falling just days before Thanksgiving. 2022 has been a year of change. At the beginning of this year, I started working with and for Dr. Spencer Nadolsky as […]

Gold Stars For Effort

It started off as a joke. Credit to our Melissa L. (a schoolteacher, at that) for initiating the conversation about gold stars for effort. Melissa was commenting on the fact that she deserved a gold star for some of her gym efforts. This sentiment was reinforced from our Rachel H. who was actually the person […]

Losing It

So, you’ve decided you want to lose fat and you don’t know where to start. I wrote a rather lengthy piece sometime back on the numbers of fat loss and this wouldn’t be a bad place to get acquainted with how you can successfully reach your goals. However, I wanted to look at the numbers […]

A Short Read On Underreporting

One of the most challenging aspects of fat loss, for both the client and the coach, is handling the underreporting of food. Underreporting isn’t always conscious. Sometimes it happens without us knowing that it’s happening. Here’s a quick list (not exhaustive) of ways that underreporting can happen: -Using an inaccurate option in a food tracker […]

The Skills Of Eating

I just finished reading the book “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White. This short book is packed full of insight into how to be a better writer. Since I am either writing articles like this one, writing posts for social media, writing messages to clients in email or messenger form […]

Days Of Love And Wonder

Building off of last week’s post, I wanted to add some more thoughts to this conversation on love and relationships. Not just the love we share with others but the love we have for ourselves and the relationships we keep as a result of both. Marissa and I just returned from a short getaway celebrating […]

Sketches (Year 8)

I knew I loved her… I knew that I loved Marissa during our first weekend together. Something clicked, something indescribable. We obviously hadn’t spent much time together yet but when I got that feeling, that first step forward was with a question: “Would you like to meet Jackson?” She said, “Yes” and somewhat unfairly, I […]

Willing To Walk Away

There’s a tip I’ve been giving to my clients lately with regard to fat loss. It’s easy in theory and it takes practice in execution. Be willing to walk away. Walk away from food on your plate. I know that flies in the face of those who grew up encouraged to be members of the […]

“The Doctor’s Quick Weight Loss Diet”

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article on this site in reference to a diet book I had read that was published about 80 years ago. I continue to find it fascinating how diet culture has evolved over the years: from the things that were true then which are true now and, of […]

An Addict’s View Of The Six Stages Of Change

I recently finished the book “Changing For Good” by Drs. James Prochaska, John Norcross and Carlo DiClemente which details the six stages of change also known as the transtheoretical model of change. The authors used this model to discuss how change that lasts affects smokers, drug addicts, chronic overeaters and alcoholics. I wanted to take […]