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Longevity (According To Gram)

Last year’s post about life lessons, written with the help of my Grandmother, was one of my most popular posts of the year. This article will be released on the week that Gram turns 90. I’m always fascinated to hear what advice anyone can give to living a longer life. Of course, it’s an n=1 […]

A Letter To Terry

Terry, I don’t know how I can get this message to you.  This year will mark three since you left us.  And I still can’t seem to shake your presence from my life.  I know I spoke about this before, in a piece I wrote that was so painful and so cathartic to write. Yet, […]

Fast Food…For The Record

I find myself coming to the defense of fast food quite often. It’s not because I think it’s high in nutrients nor do I think it should comprise the majority of someone’s diet. Fast food (I’ll define it as food that you purchase and receive through a drive-thru window) comprises maybe 5% of my total […]

(More) Completely Random Fat Loss Tips

1-Catastrophizing your food choices does more “harm” to your diet than the actual food you ate. So you ate a pint of ice what? It’s done. It’s over. Move on. Those calories are consumed, accounted for (whether you counted them or not), and you can’t rewrite that part of the story. Change the next […]

Nasty Little Habits

I’ve struggled with nail biting for over 30 years. It started when I was in junior high and I recall my parents buying some type of polish that I could put on my nails as a deterrent. The taste of the polish was bad but not so off-putting that I was able to stop the […]

You Don’t Have Enough Discipline

I doubt I’ll ever run out of content for this site. Between my interactions with clients face-to-face and online, my continuing education, what I learn from coaches who inspire me (and those who don’t), there is no shortage of information to share with you. Sometime recently, I saw a post by a coach who I’ve […]

The Belly Fat Solution

Ask any coach who coaches fat loss what questions they hear the most and something along the lines of this will be at or near the top: How do I get rid of this belly fat? And I’ve been asked it so many times in my career that I have to catch myself from having […]

The (Im)Patience of Fat Loss 

I can probably count on one hand (possibly two) the amount of people I’ve worked with who are in no particular rush to lose unwanted weight.  Most everyone wants the weight off yesterday.  At a base level, I understand it. By time someone comes to my door (in my brick and mortar business or through […]

The Change You Embrace (Jackson at 15)

Last weekend, it took the better part of 30 minutes to talk my son Jackson into staying with us. For those who don’t know, Jackson is my son from my first marriage. He has autism and on the day that this post is being released, he will be 15 years old. As he has gotten […]

What If You Don’t Catch A Break?

If I were to ask you how stressed out you are right now, what would you say? Are you a relatively calm person with a laidback demeanor and only a handful of things in life truly stress you out? Or, are you more anxious, more on alert, always in the middle of a fire drill […]