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The Gifts Of Therapy

Over the last several years, I’ve made a few posts about my therapist, Collin.  He has been of immeasurable help to me at times when I was in need.  Last week, I found out that his heart no longer has the strength it needs to keep him with us beyond a year. In his words, […]

How Much Protein Do You Need?

There’s hardly a week that goes by that I don’t talk about protein requirements with a client and I’m not sure that I’ve gone in to much detail about it on the site before. Before we get into the quantity, let’s cover a few areas of importance for those who may need the refresher: -Most […]

Mother: A Show Of Respect

Throughout all the years of my (and his) life, I never heard my father speak an unkind word about or toward his mother, my Oma. This sentiment applies as well to my mother. Not once have I ever heard her speak an unkind word about or toward my grandmother. In saying this, it’s not that […]

Magical Fat Burning Workouts

Before you read this entire article, I want you to perform this workout. Are you ready? 30 Jumping Jacks 5 Push Ups 25 High Knees 7 Burpees 10 Crunches 7 Squats 5 Push Ups 10 Crunches 5 Push Ups 7 Squats 30 Jumping Jacks Do this workout and you’ll burn over 2 pounds a week. […]

15 Years Of RevFit

This is my fifth attempt to write this article. I don’t normally struggle to write once I have the idea for a post each week but this one is different. I think I’m simply overwhelmed with the fact that Revolution Fitness & Therapy is officially 15 years old this week. I kept thinking of clever […]

Where’s The Gap In Your Training?

Let me add one more opinion to the dumpster fire of opinions you’ll hear about exercise. Asked simply, where is your gap? How will you improve it? This article is primarily for general population and is not suggested to be the best advice for competitive lifters or seasoned athletes. Walking Depending on who you are […]

Drink Your Way Thin?

Sometimes I get so lost in my own little nutrition and fitness bubble that I forget bad diet information runs rampant in social media. I was recently scrolling through Instagram and saw the claim that you can drop 10 pounds in one week by consuming this drink each night before bed: 2 TBSP apple cider […]

Training Around An Injury

*Note* This article is not meant to replace the advice of a medical professional or physical therapist. My first gym-related injuries of note occurred around 8 years ago. Over the span of a year, I injured myself twice on trapbar deadlift and traditional deadlift respectively. After the second injury, I had to ask myself what […]

A Fat Loss Checklist

This won’t be exhaustive but let me take a few moments this week to give you a rundown of some things I’d like you to know before you start your fat loss journey. -Not everyone needs to count calories or track macros. If you like the quantitative approach to your food intake, it can be […]

How Your Past Defines You

(The following article contains triggering subject matter) If you’re new to this page, some of what you’ll read may be new to you. If you’re a long time reader (thank you), some of these stories you’ll know bits and pieces of. My past tells a story. I had great parents, generally a very good upbringing, […]