#35 -Sleep For Performance With Ian Dunican

Ian Dunican joins me this week to discuss his work with Sleep4Performance. After hearing his excellent interview with Danny Lennon (Sigma Nutrition Podcast) several weeks ago, I knew I had to bring him on to discuss how much sleep can affect the general population. Ian takes his wealth of experience as a sleep researcher and director of Sleep4Performance and shines a much needed light on how sleep and the lack thereof can be affecting performance in life, work and training. We cover sleep habits, sleep etiquette, sleep aids and more. Also, make sure you connect with Ian directly to get his free ebook offered to all who tune in to the show. For more information about Ian, please visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/sleep4perform To learn more about your host, please visit www.jasonleenaarts.com Download, subscribe, share and tell your friends. If you have a moment, please leave us a iTunes review to let us know how you like the show.