#36-BodyEvolver With Mike D’Angelo

Mike D’Angelo, creator of BodyEvolver PT Pro, takes time to discuss with me the software that he created that has been such a great component of our success here at Revolution Fitness & Therapy. Mike looks back to talk about how and why the software was created and why it’s been so successful with literally hundreds of clients all across the globe. Even if you’re not a personal trainer, I highly recommend checking this episode out to see how this software can benefit you and get you better results if you’re an exercise enthusiast elsewhere. Mike is so passionate and enthusiastic about the product he created and I couldn’t wait to get him on the show. To learn more about BodyEvolver, please check out www.bodyevolver.com or connect with Mike directly at [email protected] To learn more about your host, please visit www.jasonleenaarts.com Download, subscribe, share with your friends and if you have a moment, please leave an iTunes review!