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Revolutionary You! #358-Client Spotlight: Stephanie Duffy (2 of 4)

In our next client spotlight, I welcome Stephanie Duffy onto the show. We talk about the events that led to her starting at RevFit, the changes she made in her life to see weight loss success, how she sees her journey in strength training and what goals she has set for herself next.  To learn […]

These Food Environment Problems

I noticed some really weird patterns about myself several months ago. Normally, each weekend, I’ll visit my Mom and we’ll spend time catching up after our busy weeks at work. She usually has different types of snack foods around on her kitchen counter: chips, crackers, nuts, etc. The way that I make entrance into her […]

Revolutionary You! #357-Client Spotlight: Amy McNair (1 of 4)

It was time to take a small detour in our regular programming and get some of our RevFit family on to the show for another series of client spotlights. This week, I welcome Amy McNair who some may recognize as her husband, Don, was on the show last year. Amy’s story is extremely inspiring and […]

Shall We Dance?

The first time Marissa and I recall dancing together was on a boat in New Orleans. We were on a family vacation and the music and the mood seemed right. It strikes me a bit funny that this moment took place nearly 3 years after we started dating and my wife has been dancing since […]

13 Reflections On 13 Years Of RevFit

I posted most of this on Facebook last week on my personal wall. I’ve had some time to think about it and add some more to my original post. I got certified as a trainer at the tail end of 2007 when I was 32 years old after being in retail and retail management since […]

Are You Moving The “Big Rocks” For Progress?

Late last year, I reconnected with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky. He and I had been connected through social media for several years and when I first started my podcast, he was one of the first guests to join me. Spencer was about to launch an exercise program called LiftRx where he partnered with a physical therapist […]

You, Your Values And A $10 Chocolate Bar

I recently read the book “Meaningful Work” by Shawn and Lawren Askinosie. I would call it highly suggested reading for any small business owner OR anyone who feels they haven’t found their professional calling. At the heart of the story is the Askinosie chocolate bar (of different origins and flavors) which retails for around $10 […]