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Cult Status

This is Day 28 in my 30-day blogging journey. The “why” is on Day 1. In 1994, I had graduated high school and would be attending college in Nashville, Tennessee at Belmont University. Around the same time that I would be starting school, there was record label starting up in nearby Murfreesboro called Spongebath Records. […]

Beyond The Book Club

This is Day 27 in my 30-day blogging journey. Background on this experiment is on Day 1. A handful of years ago, I was part of an online book club. It’s the only book club I’ve ever been a member of. As one might imagine, some people read at a faster pace than others, and […]

Can Happiness Be Found In Gut Health?

This is Day 26 in my 30-day blogging journey. The why is on Day 1. My wife and I were unexpectedly thrown into a journey of gut health over the last couple of years. While Marissa has always been lactose intolerant, it used to be just an aversion to milk. She could still consume butter, […]

The Boiling Point

This is Day 25 in my 30-day blogging journey. The background on this experiment is on Day 1. 212 degrees Fahrenheit. I had no idea what the significance of that was when I asked Coach Nick Morton why he chose 212 Fitness as the name for his coaching services. It’s defined as the “extra degree”. […]

The Spoiled Children Of Convenience

This is Day 24 in my 30-day blogging journey. The “why” of the journey is on Day 1. I am typing this blog on a computer which is relatively fast. It’s fast because it has enough processing speed, memory and not too much data on the hard drive to make it sluggish. If I have […]

Honesty In Sales?

This is Day 23 in my 30-day blogging journey. The reason for it can be found on Day 1. I have a pair of cowboy boots that I’ve owned for over ten years. I love them. Like a lot of apparel and such that I own, once I have something that I like, I’ll wear […]

The Things We Pass Along

This is Day 22 in my 30-day blogging journey. The “why” can be found on Day 1. I remember walking into retail stores when I was a kid just to buy the 7 inch (45rpm) of a single that had been playing on the radio.  Both of my parents loved music.  Dad loved everything from […]

14 Things I Got Wrong About Fat Loss

This is Day 21 in my 30-day blogging journey. You can read more about my “why” on Day 1. In celebration of our 14 year anniversary at RevFit, I’ve decided to take a look at 14 places where the information or guidance I may have given once upon a time with regard to fat loss […]

Season Of The Wolf

This is Day 20 in my 30-day blogging journey. If you’d like to know why I’m doing this, check out Day 1. Last week, I got to write about our Coach Mike Roder. Today, I’d like to tell you about Coach David Cameron. It’s difficult for me to express David’s evolution as a coach without […]

What You Have Is Your Voice

This is Day 19 of my 30-day blogging journey. Want to know the “why”? Check out Day 1. Piggybacking off of sentiments from yesterday’s post, there’s another element to creativity that matters: What your unique voice provides. The health industry can be a loud one. It’s a space where often the person with the biggest […]