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How Will You Lose?

Once upon a time… I probably thought that everyone could lose weight via more exercise and less food. And, in its simplest form, that IS how people lose weight (or more specifically, lose fat). However, if you’re reading this, you likely know that just exercising more and eating less is far easier said than done. […]

Do You Even Forgive?

I look back on my life and I have to think where forgiveness has played a part. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to routinely reach out to people in my current and former lives to tell them: “Hey, you remember such and such incident? I’m really sorry for how I behaved.” It’s a liberating […]

20 Life Lessons From “Gram”

For the last 11 years, I’ve written thousands of words about my father. In many respects, there are so many words of love I’ve written about him that it’s a shame he wasn’t alive to read them. Perhaps that’s a regret of mine. Not that my father left this world doubting my love for him, […]

What’s The Best Diet?

This past weekend, I was helping my mom out at her flower shop. She was under-staffed for a big event and asked if I could lend a hand to help set up for a large wedding. While I was waiting for all of the flowers to be finished so we could load them up, one […]

On Binge Eating

Lately, I’ve been diving into more information about binge eating and other types of disordered eating and, while I am not an expert nor am I a doctor, I wanted to compile some information which might be helpful to both fellow coaches and anyone who may be struggling with some of these challenges and is […]

Back To Therapy

As I write this, I think back to the periods of my life when I was in therapy. First, it was in my early 20s, prior to the start of my decade of heavy drug use, and my life was a chaotic mess. A decade later, I was back in therapy, for completely different reasons […]

Our Head Banging, Hell Raising Five Year Old

Sebastian (aka The Dude) turns 5 this week. It’s hard for me to express what the journey from 4 to 5 actually has been like. However, I’ll let you in on some parenting wins that have certainly made our favorite preschooler an entertaining part of the household. I can think back to Sebastian when he […]

Completely Random Fat Loss Tips

-If you want to eat hyper-palatable foods, portion out the serving size into small Ziploc baggies. For instance, if a serving size of crackers, chips, nuts, trail mix, etc. is “X”, take the time to portion that amount out into several baggies so you’re less likely to keep going back into the same container. If […]

Fat Loss: Why Try?

I love coaching fat loss. This year will mark my 15th year since I first got certified and I’ve been fascinated by fat loss ever since. I love seeing how happy clients are when they make progress. I love being part of their journey to celebrate the scale victories and the non-scale victories (because they […]

Patterns, Patterns, Patterns

Last week, I wrote about the notion of patterns in your behavior. I wanted to write more about it this week, from a slightly different angle. A few years ago, I offered up a “challenge” to my clients at RevFit. It was 30 days of no alcohol, flour or “added” sugar. In hindsight, I regret […]