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13 Reflections On 13 Years Of RevFit

I posted most of this on Facebook last week on my personal wall. I’ve had some time to think about it and add some more to my original post. I got certified as a trainer at the tail end of 2007 when I was 32 years old after being in retail and retail management since […]

Are You Moving The “Big Rocks” For Progress?

Late last year, I reconnected with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky. He and I had been connected through social media for several years and when I first started my podcast, he was one of the first guests to join me. Spencer was about to launch an exercise program called LiftRx where he partnered with a physical therapist […]

You, Your Values And A $10 Chocolate Bar

I recently read the book “Meaningful Work” by Shawn and Lawren Askinosie. I would call it highly suggested reading for any small business owner OR anyone who feels they haven’t found their professional calling. At the heart of the story is the Askinosie chocolate bar (of different origins and flavors) which retails for around $10 […]

Do You Need To Take A Break?

Since I found myself having this conversation a bit more frequently with my fat loss clients, I wanted to write this week’s article specifically about maintenance breaks. For many dieters, they tend to fall into one of two camps: dieting to lose weight (at whatever degree of deficit they choose) or overeating (eating in a […]

Onward, Upward (For Ryan)

There are so many ways to measure success as a coach. If you train athletes, success might be measured by making them faster, stronger, more resilient, or helping them achieve the next level in their sport however it’s best defined. If you train fat loss clients, success can be measured by helping them achieve something […]