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Punk Rock Fat Loss

In the 70s, there was a movement happening in both the U.S. and the U.K. Bands like the Ramones and The Sex Pistols (respectively) were leading the charge with a style of music that was known as much for it’s DIY ethic as it was for how quickly it burned and fizzled out of style. […]


I find myself hearing, reading, and using the word “permission” more than usual lately. So, for all who are trying to lose fat and succeeding, for all who are trying to lose fat and are stuck and for all who are trying to lose fat and are somehow gaining: You have permission to make mistakes […]

Good Dad, Flawed Dad

I’ve had a lot of time over the last 11 years to talk about my father. Every time I feel like there’s nothing more (or nothing new) to say, I keep thinking losing him will never feel resolved. This week’s article takes a cue from last week’s, and I have to thank my friend and […]

The Handiest Man Alive

There’s a story I’ve told myself for most of my life and it’s a story that has been validated from many failed attempts to put things together or fix items in general. The story is: I’m just not handy. From common household scenarios that pop up to random bits of furniture which need to be […]

Revolutionary You! #361-Walk The Talk: A Shift In Priorities

How are you prioritizing all you have on your plate? I give you my take in this week’s episode as well as an update on the future of Revolutionary You. To purchase my book, “A Revolution A Day”:  Apple Podcasts OR Stitcher OR Spotify OR Amazon Podcasts

Walk The Talk: A Shift In Priorities

When I was on the cusp of recording the 300th episode of my podcast (Revolutionary You), I asked myself: Where do I want to take this show? I decided to challenge myself by asking guests to commit to a 4-episode series with me where I could cover topics in greater detail and give the guest […]

Revolutionary You! #360-Client Spotlight: Samantha Parks (4 of 4)

In the final episode of our recent client spotlight series, I get to welcome one of the strongest ladies in our gym: Samantha Parks. You may recognize the last name as her father, Ned, was a guest on the show last year and we have the honor of not only training both of them but […]

Beyond The Highlights

Last year, my mother-in-law was taking a picture of Marissa, Sebastian and myself. We were trying our best to get Sebastian to pose with us and he just wasn’t having it. Marissa was attempting to hold him in her arms and prop him on her lap but nothing any of us could say would get […]

Revolutionary You! #359-Client Spotlight: Ken Klika (3 of 4)

In the 3rd part of our 4-part client spotlights, I’m joined this week by one of the strongest fellas at RevFit: Ken Klika. His story has inspired me since he started here over 5 years ago and it’s been a honor to work with he and his wife, Jen. Tune in to hear what led […]

My Marketing Methods And Your Fat Loss

When I started my business, I didn’t know anyone in the town I started in and had to build the clientele from the ground up. It was difficult and it required me to do a lot of uncomfortable things at the time like putting flyers up all over the area in different businesses or put […]