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Start Small

One of the upsides to raising a child in a gym (and around the gym environment) is that they see it as a given norm. That it’s normal to move your body, that it’s normal to make it routine and part of life just like going to school, brushing your teeth, etc. Our son, Sebastian, […]

Lift To Make Life Easier

Routinely, I’m reminded by my clients that lifting weights has more to do with what happens outside the gym than what happens inside of it. I will forever be inspired by clients who get closer to their fat loss goals. Or, clients who gain the muscle they hope to. Or, clients who break their previous […]

A Father’s Lead

I’m writing this just after Father’s Day. A day which remains bittersweet for me. On Father’s Day, I remember the man who did it best who left our world in 2011. On Father’s Day, I celebrate the two boys I have: Jackson (15) and Sebastian (5). On Father’s Day, I think about lessons I was […]

Time Is (Not) On Our Side

When was the last time you told yourself (or someone else): “I would have…but I didn’t have time…” Last week, I made a post on Instagram about where my time goes in “typical” 24 hours. By typical, I mean, what happens on a standard weekday that is more normal than abnormal. It looks something like […]

Have Your Wine And Lose Weight Too

Several years ago, I had a guest on my podcast, (it may have been Amy Kubal, RD) and we were talking about the two most problematic areas of a diet that we see most often. If memory serves, I think it came down to alcohol and cheese. Let’s talk about alcohol. Many of my clients […]

A Coach’s Thoughts On Obesity Medications

Over the last couple of years, you’ve likely heard about the popularity and increase in use of obesity medications. While the medications themselves are not new and variations have been around for decades, some names are coming up with greater frequency due to how effective they are and in who is getting access to them. […]

Considerations For Your Calorie Deficit

Last week, I was speaking with a client who is currently trying to lose fat. Their goal is to drop about 50 pounds with no particular timeline. When we started looking at the plan to reach the goal, my client said they were currently consuming about 2000 calories a day. That sparked a conversation that […]

Lose Fat Now

If your weight isn’t budging, let’s look at ten areas you could put your focus into to see a drop. 1-Dine out less: It’s not impossible to lose fat when you dine out, but it is difficult. Consider that the average restaurant entrée is approximately 1100-1200 calories. This does not factor in any appetizers, alcohol, […]

Not Playing By The Rules: The Recap

This is Day 30 in my 30-day blogging journey. The origins of this journey can be found on Day 1. Confession: I didn’t play by the rules. If I had followed Seth Godin’s advice to the “T”, I would have spent 30 days profiling 30 of my favorite businesses and finding a way to improve […]

Follow The Butterfly

This is Day 29 in my 30-day blogging journey. If you don’t know the backstory, check out Day 1. I’ve been a fan of the bourbon releases coming from Blue Run Spirits since they started in 2020. Many of their releases have been limited offerings although they do have some bottles that can be purchased […]