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Beyond The Training Floor

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to update everyone on all of the services we’re able to offer here. If you’re local to Stow, Ohio, we’d love for you to come to the studio and train with us. We’ve been a semi-private personal training studio since I opened our doors in 2009. Per […]

Nine Years Later…In Sickness And In Health

Thinking back on our vows, it’s easy to let time corrode what you promise to give one another. It’s easy to get complacent. It’s easy to let a flame go out. It takes work to keep things going, through good and bad, and be able to look at your partner and say: I’m still in […]

Stop, Savor, Breathe

There appears to be two opposing forces in our lives: The one that begs you to hustle and grind and the one that urges you to pause and find calm. Both have value but it’s a delicate balance trying to find when to switch one off and turn the other on. Our phones, our inbox, […]

Seven Steps I Took To Heal My Trauma

There are some scenarios that stay with you for a lifetime. For me, I was sexually abused by my babysitter sometime around kindergarten and first grade. Not having the emotional or mental maturity to handle it back then, I managed to stuff the experience away until I was in my late teens when a friend […]

The Fight For Time

When I started RevFit back in 2009, I knew my mornings would start early. Clients wanted to be able to train before they went to work, which meant that training would start roughly around 5-530am each weekday. Early mornings (with a 20-25 minute commute from home) meant going early to bed so that I could […]

99 Questions You Should Answer About Fat Loss

I love questions. I love questions that get to the heart of problems. I love questions that guide you to the solutions of problems. I love questions that can be uncomfortable and questions that may spark an emotion. With fat loss, there are countless questions to ask and, as a coach, I love asking them. […]

Eat To Get Strong

At risk of titling this article in a misleading fashion, what you’re about to read is not necessarily for individuals who are looking to maximize building muscle on their bodies. Rather, I wanted to write something about strength in general and how food can help. Look everywhere around you, and if you had to judge […]

Is It Time To Pump The Brakes?

One of the most difficult things to navigate when it comes to improving our health via getting stronger or getting leaner is understanding how the inherent stress of dieting or training adds (or takes away) from the stress of our lives. The last two months of my life have been some of the most stressful […]

Ninety Days To Change

It’s common in the health/wellness world to hear about a 90-day timeline for progress.  If you want a stronger, fitter body, you stay consistent with a 90 day training plan.  If you’re trying to succeed with fat loss, you work a 90-day nutrition/training program. Many coaches (myself included for my online clients) may offer services […]

Sean’s Song

I knew of Sean Carlin long before I ever met him. In 1993, I was in Kent, Ohio recording my first album with a high school friend at Electro-Sound Studios led by an engineer named Greg Feezel. Greg had recorded the sessions for many local musicians and Sean Carlin’s band Dink was one of them. […]