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Do You Need To Take A Break?

Since I found myself having this conversation a bit more frequently with my fat loss clients, I wanted to write this week’s article specifically about maintenance breaks. For many dieters, they tend to fall into one of two camps: dieting to lose weight (at whatever degree of deficit they choose) or overeating (eating in a […]

Onward, Upward (For Ryan)

There are so many ways to measure success as a coach. If you train athletes, success might be measured by making them faster, stronger, more resilient, or helping them achieve the next level in their sport however it’s best defined. If you train fat loss clients, success can be measured by helping them achieve something […]

Revolutionary You! #351-Kaleen Canevari: Mindfulness (3 of 4)

In Part 3 of our 4-Part series together, Kaleen Canevari is back with me to talk about mindfulness. While it’s certainly been a topic that has been discussed on the show before, Kaleen presents it in some refreshing ways. We talk about how and why meditation might work for you, how you use mindfulness to […]

1-5: How Do You Rank?

I wanted to start this week’s article with a hat tip to Dr. Eric Helms for the inspiration. I was listening to Eric speak recently on a podcast for some continuing education I was doing. In the conversation, he referenced a tool he uses for his clients (and in his example it was more for […]

Revolutionary You! #350-Kaleen Canevari: Conscious Competence (2 of 4)

Kaleen Canevari is back with me this week for the 2nd part in our 4-part series together. In this episode, we talk about the conscious competence learning cycle and understanding where we need to apply skills in our lives to practice not only self-awareness but execution to get closer to our goals. Kaleen breaks down […]

The Man You Never Knew

Sebastian, I write these words to you just days before what we recognize as the anniversary of your Opa’s passing, this year marking 11. I do not know if you will read these words when you are old enough to read and understand them, if you will read them after I leave this world or […]

Ditching The Diet Halo

It’s arguably one of the most frustrating bridges to cross with a fat loss client, when we have to make the distinction between what might be considered a “healthy” diet versus one that is calorically appropriate for them. Unfortunately, much of what we’re inundated with (aside from flagrant misinformation) is still the notion of good […]