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The Talk

I’ve been listening to you for a while now and I know you have a lot of things standing in your way. I know that on any given day or week, there’s a problem with work, there’s a sick kid, there’s an argument with your spouse, you had a shitty night’s sleep, etc. etc. etc. […]

Revolutionary You! #339-Kate Galliett: The Explorer’s Mindset (3 of 4)

Kate Galliett is back for the third episode in our 4-part series as we continue to build the framework in her upcoming book “Becoming Unbreakable”. In this episode, we talk about the importance of trusting our bodies to give us the information we need to recover from workouts and from injuries and developing this “explorer’s […]

“It Isn’t Fair”: Frustrations In Food, Body Image And Exercise

A few months ago, psychologist Dr. Lisa Lewis and I were speaking on my podcast. She was referencing Tara Brach’s popular book “Radical Acceptance” when it comes to how we view the food we eat as it relates to our goals. While simplified, Dr. Lisa remarked that radical acceptance is the ability to say “It […]

Revolutionary You! #338-Kate Galliett: Understanding Your Pain (2 of 4)

Kate Galliett is back with me for Part 2 in our 4-Part series together. In this episode, we talk about how to be more aware and respectful of the pain that we’re feeling. Kate walks through a process (also detailed in her upcoming book, “Becoming Unbreakable”, where you can take a step-by-step approach to understanding […]

A Kinder You In 2022

Make a commitment to be kinder to yourself and others in 2022. If you get sideways on your diet, forgive yourself and move on. There’s another meal coming shortly thereafter where you can right the course again. The words you use to berate yourself for a less than ideal choice of food or portion of […]

Revolutionary You! #337-Kate Galliett: The Caretaker Of Your Body (1 of 4)

I’m very excited to welcome back Kate Galliett to the show for our next 4-part series. Kate was previously on Episodes #123 and #272. This time, we’re reconnecting initially in promotion of her new book “Becoming Unbreakable” which we’ll be chatting about throughout the series but our first episode actually takes a few steps back. […]

Cheers: Hat’s Off To 2021

Here we are nearing another end of year and 2021 showed only certain differences from 2020. I won’t go too far down any COVID rabbit holes except to say that we are still “dealing with it”. I, myself, had a breakthrough case this year which was anything but pleasant and I’m glad to be on […]