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#313-Ruby Cherie: A “Health First” Approach (1 of 4)

Ruby Cherie returns as my next guest for our newest 4-part series on the show. She was previously on Episodes 96 and 213 which I definitely recommend you check out as well. In this first part, we conquer the reasons why you would benefit from focusing on health before focusing on getting smaller at all […]

#312-Sohee Lee: Diet Culture Vs. Anti-Diet Culture (4 of 4)

In the final part of our 4-part series together, Sohee Lee and I tackle the topics of diet culture and anti-diet culture. There was so much for us to sift through in this episode and we both did our best to present both sides of the coin in the most respectful way possible. As one […]

#311-Sohee Lee: Diet Troubleshooting (3 of 4)

In part 3 of our 4-part series together, Sohee Lee and I turn our attention in this episode to diet troubleshoots. Tune in to hear our take on:  -Taking in information versus acting on it -Underreporting calories -Areas of the diet that are easily overlooked -Weekend splurges -Considerations for energy output and how it affects […]

#310-Sohee Lee: Content Creation For Coaches

In the second part of our 4-part series together, Sohee Lee is back with another episode tailored more to our fellow coaches. We talk about content creation this week. Sohee has the perspective of the online coach with a very large following and her thoughts on what platforms and what types of posts she feels […]

#309-Sohee Lee: Getting Started With Online Coaching (1 of 4)

Sohee Lee makes her triumphant return to join me in the next 4-part series of the show. Longtime listeners may remember her first episode with me way back at #77 in August of 2017. It has shockingly been that long since I circled back to get Sohee back on the show. Fortunately, this miniseries makes […]

#301-Mike Howard: Habits For Fat Loss (1 of 4)

As I looked into the future for this podcast, I wanted to take the show in slightly different directions. I credit returning guest, Mike Howard of Lean Minded, to be the “guinea pig”, if you will, for the first in a 4-part series. To hear our previous episodes together check out Episodes 64, 102, 159, […]

#300-Leigh Peele: Restriction Is Not Reasonable Or Rational

Maybe it comes as little surprise to long-time listeners of the show but Leigh Peele makes her 6th appearance for the milestone 300th episode. You can also check out our previous conversations via Episodes 28, 118, 150, 200 and 215. She has been in the midst of a complete re-write of “The Fat Loss Troubleshoot” […]

#299-Caroline Juster: Make It Easy To Make Good Decisions

I’m joined this week by fellow coach Caroline Juster. In this episode, we talk about her journey from musician to personal trainer and her own weight loss transformation. Caroline talks about how she takes inspiration from both of those areas to inform how she coaches her clients to better success. We also talk about how […]

#298-Chris Burres: Sleep Aids, Sleep Hygiene and MyVitalC

I welcome research engineer and scientist, Chris Burres, of MyVitalC to the show this week. In this episode, we talk about the plethora of sleep aids, sleep devices and better sleep hygiene for individuals who could benefit from them. Chris also discusses how he got involved with MyVitalC and the potential for being helpful in […]

#297-Leslie Benedetto: On Autism, Addiction And The Evolution Of B-Well Nation

I’ve been connected with B-Well Nation’s Leslie Benedetto for several years and of many things we have in common within fitness we also have raised children with autism and have struggled with addiction leading into this industry. In this episode, we talk about the intersection of those factors, how her own business with group exercise […]