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#318-Dr. Allan Bacon: The Fat Loss Experience (2 of 4)

Dr. Allan Bacon and I are back this week in Part 2 of our 4-Part series together. In this episode, we talk about expectations around hunger and how to manage it, as well as the criticism and influence someone might be subject to while dieting and what to expect from our body’s responses to dieting […]

#317-Dr. Allan Bacon: Breaking Through Plateaus (1 of 4)

Dr. Allan Bacon makes his second appearance on the show after a great first episode with his wife, Beth (#244) in April of 2020. We kick off the first of our 4-part series with a massive conversation about breaking through diet and exercise plateaus. We know they are nearly inevitable during any path towards self-improvement […]

#316-Ruby Cherie: What About Motivation? (4 of 4)

Ruby Cherie and I conclude our 4-part series this week diving into our thoughts on motivation. We talk about how the evolution of motivation in our lives and within health and fitness can and should adapt on a given spectrum, why gratitude and mindfulness matter and what it looks like in real life to have […]

#315-Ruby Cherie: What Makes A Person Successful? (3 of 4)

In Part 3 of our 4-part series together, Ruby Cherie joins me again as we try to look at the myriad ways we tend to view progress when we’re trying to improve our health and our physiques. We talk about the dangers of echo chambers and curated opinions, how progress looks in the scope of […]