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“King Richard”

There’s a diner in the area that I frequent called StowNut. If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out. It’s a family owned, small town diner that serves breakfast and lunch and closes up for the day by early afternoon. Aside from the warm feeling I get when I go there, the […]

Humble Beginnings

I was recently in my hometown in Tennessee to pay tribute to the passing of my father (who sadly left us in 2011) and to celebrate the 83rd birthday of my maternal grandmother. While I was there, my grandmother had a book on her coffee table called “The Complete Life’s Little Instruction Book.” If you’ve […]

How I Lost 57lbs: Rob's Transformation Success!!

In this week’s episode, we talk to RevFit client Rob and let him share his journey of weight loss over the last year. Rob enlightens us with his strategies and struggles towards not only meeting, but beating his initial weight loss goals. Recommended listening for anyone who is on or about to start their weight […]

Different Like You With Lisa Bachman

We kick off our first official episode under the Revolutionary You! banner with Lisa Bachman, Executive Director at Lisa shares her remarkable story of her son, Justin and how he overcame the threat of suicide and his struggles with Tourette syndrome to start a movement meant to change the world! You can find out more […]

A Different Perspective on GMOs with Dr. Grant McGimpsey

In this week’s episode, we ask Dr. Grant McGimpsey his thoughts on GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and how we can approach them differently with respect to our food sources. This is another information packed episode that is undoubtedly going to make people look at them from a completely different lens.  Source: A Different Perspective on […]

Removing Bias While Optimizing Health With Dr. Walt Horton

I have the great pleasure to interview one of my favorite people (I have lots of favorites too!) Dr. Walt Horton is with me to discuss how easily we are persuaded by health advice in the media and how to be aware of it with decision making. We discuss how bias can stand against us […]

Giving Back and Social Media With Shon Christy

We return to our podcast series with Shon Christy from Focal Point Social Media. In this, Shon talks about his involvement with social media platforms and charitable organizations, knowing how to give back to the community and his direct involvement helping those with special needs. You don’t want to miss this! Source: Giving Back and […]