#14-Sleep Health Solutions With Chris Muntean

In our newest episode, I continue the conversation on sleep apnea with the director of Sleep Health Solutions, Chris Muntean. Taking cues from last week’s episode with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, Chris explains changes in technology and testing for individuals with sleep disorders. This is a fascinating conversation guaranteed to give insight and options to listeners who want more information on how they can help themselves or others who may be struggling with their sleep patterns. I’m also thrilled to have our first episode with our brand new intro music, courtesy of the immensely talented, Ian McGimpsey. For more information on Sleep Health Solutions, please visit www.sleephealthsolutionsohio.com For more information on your host, Jason Leenaarts, please visit www.revfittherapy.com and www.jasonleenaarts.com If you like what you’re hearing, please share, subscribe and review. It definitely helps!

Source: #14-Sleep Health Solutions With Chris Muntean