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#340-Kate Galliett: "Becoming Unbreakable" (4 of 4)

Kate Galliett and I conclude our 4-part series this week by putting the bow on our conversation and formally introducing her new book “Becoming Unbreakable”. In this episode, we get to chat more about her “6 Pillars” that she breaks down formally in the book as well as the origin story for how the book […]

#339-Kate Galliett: The Explorer's Mindset (3 of 4)

Kate Galliett is back for the third episode in our 4-part series as we continue to build the framework in her upcoming book “Becoming Unbreakable”. In this episode, we talk about the importance of trusting our bodies to give us the information we need to recover from workouts and from injuries and developing this “explorer’s […]

#338-Kate Galliett: Understanding Your Pain (2 of 4)

Kate Galliett is back with me for Part 2 in our 4-Part series together. In this episode, we talk about how to be more aware and respectful of the pain that we’re feeling. Kate walks through a process (also detailed in her upcoming book, “Becoming Unbreakable”, where you can take a step-by-step approach to understanding […]

#337-Kate Galliett: The Caretaker Of Your Body (1 of 4)

I’m very excited to welcome back Kate Galliett to the show for our next 4-part series. Kate was previously on Episodes #123 and #272. This time, we’re reconnecting initially in promotion of her new book “Becoming Unbreakable” which we’ll be chatting about throughout the series but our first episode actually takes a few steps back. […]

#334-Dr. Susan Kleiner: We Eat Food, Not Grams (2 of 4)

In the 2nd part of my 4-part series with Dr. Susan Kleiner, we take a look at how macros have taken over the conversation regarding food. Dr. Sue and I talk about the nuance in that conversation and where it can be perceived as a reductionist view of what we eat. She talks about when […]

#333-Dr. Susan Kleiner: A Weight Neutral Approach To Health (1 of 4)

I am honored to welcome back Dr. Susan Kleiner for her fourth appearance on the show and the start of the next 4-part series. I highly recommend you check out her previous episodes: #135, 142, and 191. In this episode, we focus on the recent studies that have been released discussing the merits of a […]

#332-Alberto Alvarez: Lessons In Time Management (4 of 4)

As we pull this 4-part series to a close, Alberto Alvarez joins me again as we tackle time management. Since my work is primarily face-to-face and his, by comparison, is in the online realm, we have very different schedules that determine how we prioritize our day. You can hear how these schedules have evolved over […]

#331-Alberto Alvarez: Tips On Gamifying Your Progress (3 of 4)

Taking inspiration from Steve Kamb’s great book “Level Up Your Life”, Alberto Alvarez returns for our 3rd part in our 4-part series to talk about gamifying your health adventure. We break down how to add levels to the habits you want to change, the concept of chunking your goals into realistic and achievable steps and […]