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Someone To Pull The Trigger

“The title of this post was inspired by the Matthew Sweet song of the same name.” My mind tends to swim in chaos. At any point in time, there are so many things that I want to read, listen to, digest, and execute on. Of course, I only can take in so much stimulus at […]

Pain Makes You Beautiful

“The title of this post was inspired by the Judybats song of the same name.” I’ve been certified as a personal trainer for nearly nine years. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry and given fitness advice to people for about seventeen years. Much of that initial advice was given well before I had much […]

The A$$hole Problem

So many things get in the way of progress. Crazy work schedule, unreasonable demands on our time, conference calls that last longer than they ever should to accomplish less than you ever anticipated, etc. Time and again, I have found the biggest obstacle on our path to progress is ourselves. The self deprecation, badmouthing, sabotage and self-shaming […]

Stupid Calories

Fahad and I were talking yesterday about why he’s not been seeing his weight drop at a satisfactory rate. There are always so many sides to this conversation and it is important to me that I try my very best to meet any individual where they are on a spectrum of understanding what is happening. While there […]

Have You Ordered Yours Yet?

Our first line of tees/tanks has been selling great. The plan is to keep offering new colors with limited runs each. So, don’t wait much longer, the green ones won’t last! You can order yours here

Good Day Sunshine

How does your day start? Sluggish? Stimulating? Don’t touch me ‘til I have my coffee? Admittedly, I run through all of those. Every morning. Even though my body and mind are accustomed to getting up at roughly 4am Monday through Friday. A couple of months ago, I started changing up my morning routine and it’s […]

To The Extreme

Last night, one of my cousins sent me a text. She was concerned because she had been involved with a workout class in Memphis and she was having some unusual side effects. By her admission, the class was difficult and intense and she was having sporadic problems with vomiting when she was finished. Of course, […]

7 Years

As I write this, it’s hard to believe 7 years have come and gone so quickly. I’m not sure exactly where I thought RevFit would be at this point but I can assure you I’m not disappointed in the least. As I continue to impress on our clients: be ready to evolve, be capable of […]

“King Richard”

There’s a diner in the area that I frequent called StowNut. If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out. It’s a family owned, small town diner that serves breakfast and lunch and closes up for the day by early afternoon. Aside from the warm feeling I get when I go there, the […]

Humble Beginnings

I was recently in my hometown in Tennessee to pay tribute to the passing of my father (who sadly left us in 2011) and to celebrate the 83rd birthday of my maternal grandmother. While I was there, my grandmother had a book on her coffee table called “The Complete Life’s Little Instruction Book.” If you’ve […]