15 Years Of RevFit

This is my fifth attempt to write this article.

I don’t normally struggle to write once I have the idea for a post each week but this one is different.

I think I’m simply overwhelmed with the fact that Revolution Fitness & Therapy is officially 15 years old this week.

I kept thinking of clever little stories I could share with you but none of them seemed to take off the way I wanted them to.

Instead, maybe I’ll just keep the message and the sentiment as short and sweet as I can muster.

No business makes it to 15 years without the customers/clients to help it get there. I am sincerely grateful to every person who has walked through our doors in our physical location(s) and to every online client who has been a contribution to the work we do. I am not just grateful to the clients who have remained with us for years upon years but I am also grateful to the clients who came to us just for a month or so. You gave a little boutique fitness studio a chance and even if we were nothing more than a stepping stone to something that worked out better for you, the fact that you gave us that chance is something I am very thankful for.

No business makes it to 15 years without a dedicated staff who shows up to help provide the services. While my initial debt of gratitude is to the three gentlemen who currently service our roster at 4940 Darrow Road (Coaches Mike Roder, David Cameron and Nick Morton), it is also to every coach who has provided a lending hand along the way. I do not say this lightly, I could NOT have taken this business this far without you. I am in your debt.

RevFit has changed in a lot of ways over 15 years and the clients who have been with us the longest have seen the greatest stages of (r)evolution during that time. While I think/hope we’ve only gotten better and have streamlined the quality of the service over the years, that is my biased perspective and the best people to ask about that are the ones who’ve been along for the ride. Thank you to the people who have committed literally years of their hard work and their hard earned money to the life of this business. I truly hope that your body has been the greatest benefactor of your time here.

Selfishly, it’s not just that I get to say, we’re celebrating 15 years of business this week, I also get the honor of telling the love story that could not have happened if I hadn’t opened these doors: When one Amanda Montigney told me that she would be my first client and through her, I saw these pictures of a young woman who would later become my wife. Amanda hadn’t intended to play matchmaker and, believe me when I say, there was a mountain of reasons that Marissa and I couldn’t pull it off, but we did, and in grand fashion. We started dating the end of my first year of business, got married in 2014 and welcomed our son Sebastian into the world in 2017. Had I never started RevFit, this reality would have never played out.

So, I thank my lucky stars that they aligned in more ways than one.

I won’t tell you a lie and say that all 15 years have been smooth sails. They have not. The year of COVID aside, there were many occasions where I thought the bottom might fall out. I have made some very accurate and beneficial decisions with this business and I have made catastrophically poor ones. Thankfully, the former won out.

But like so many things in life, you keep trying, you keep stretching what’s possible, and you learn to fix the things that need fixing. Often, what needed the most repair was me.

And I’m okay with that.

For a business that has existed for the primary purpose of improving the lives of as many people as possible, it has probably improved my life the most.

For that, again, I offer my gratitude to all of you.

You’ve heard it all before but when you support a small business, you are supporting someone’s dream and you have all made that dream a thrilling one. Thank you for giving life to what I brought to the world, thank you for sharing it with your friends and family, thank you for helping me support a family of my own. Thank you for allowing me the position and place to employ a staff of coaches to help you along the way.

If there is anything we can do for you, drop us a line and let us know.