“Fat Loss Simplified”

Earlier this year, I was inspired to create a group coaching program. I took that inspiration from a course I was taking on social media content and saw the way that a short-term group could have themed modules on different aspects of a given topic.

I spoke to a friend and fellow coach about his group coaching program knowing that he had been running one successfully for a few years now and it helped me shape my thoughts about how to make one of my own.

I ran a soft launch from mid-October to mid-December this year and I was very pleased with how it turned out. I knew that in consideration of U.S. holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, fat loss success could be challenging during this time of year.

I took two approaches to that:

1-If the tools provided in the group could help people lose fat during this time of year then they could work at any time of the year.

2-Even if someone weren’t in place to put the tools in motion during this time, they could revisit the modules at a later date when life wasn’t so stressful.

The soft launch gave me the feedback I needed to make the launch official for January 1, 2024. Coincidentally, that falls on a Monday which makes me laugh a bit because “everyone wants to change on Monday” and “everyone wants to change in January”.

So, I wanted to pull back the curtain on what you can expect from the group for those who have an interest in joining.

Each week, we have a Zoom call running roughly an hour in length covering a new module. If members can’t make the call, they will be recorded and uploaded to watch later on. All members have lifetime access to the private Facebook group so they can get the content as needed.

There are weekly check-ins where I can monitor and provide feedback based on the member’s goals and the group is there to provide support and encouragement along the way.

The modules break down like this:

Week One: Mindset

Week Two: Tracking Options

Week Three: Macros & Deficits

Week Four: Exercise

Week Five: Support Systems & Food Environment

Week Six: Stress Management & Sleep Hygiene

Week Seven: Supplements, Hydration, & WWJD (What Would Jason Do?)

Week Eight: Maintenance, Troubleshooting, & Wrap-Up

One thing I have to impress is that it does require work. Yes, you can probably just “show up” for the calls and find value in the program but if you want to not only change but have those changes stick, then the course requires you to put in work.

Fat Loss Simplified is not a fat loss challenge and it’s not a contest. There is no first or second place prize. One of the best things that happened in the soft launch was that none of the members discussed their fat loss progress with each other. I saw this as a benefit because it allowed each member to succeed on their own merit without comparing against someone else.

The regular price for the program is $159/mo for two months. I’m running a promotion through the end of 2023 where you can join for $129/mo for two months. My vision is to run this program approximately four times each year so if you don’t make it in for the January-February group, you can join in the April-May group when it launches.

Fat Loss Simplified was a way for me to distill and condense 16 years of coaching into an 8-week course that gives you every tool I believe someone will need to approach fat loss with the best strategies for success without having all of the noise that contributes to topic.

I’m very proud of the finished product and I’m very grateful to the members who were part of the soft launch who helped me flesh the details out.

If you’re interested in joining, sign up before the end of the year to lock in the best price.

See you there!