Fat Loss Vs. Business Ownership: Are We Really So Different?

Every day, (literally) EVERY day, I receive an email (often multiple), or a Facebook/Instagram message from someone reaching out to help me build my business.

What they typically offer (or say they offer) is based on speed and reach.

They want to send me 10-20 new leads every month, or blast emails out to hundreds of thousands of potential clients or help me grow my Instagram account by 5-10k followers as long as I’m willing to pay whatever the service costs.

Every day I receive these messages, there is that little twinge in me, to maybe, just maybe, take them up on it. Because what they’re selling is hope and potential.

The problem is, I’m coming up on 15 years of business and I’ve been advertising my services for free on social media for about 7 years now.

I don’t want 10-20 new leads every month of people who may never sign up and know nothing about us.

I’d much rather have 1-3 new leads who were referred in to us by currently happy clients.

I don’t want hundreds of thousands of people to get an email blast about us. I want the people who have some connection to us to read our updates, or catch up on this blog or stay in the loop with the success of our clients.

I don’t want speed. I want effectiveness.

If you’re trying to lose fat, every day you are bombarded with jaw-dropping transformations, slick new supplements, the diet du jour that your neighbor Karen is currently doing or whatever bullshit Joe Rogan peddles on his podcast.

Which means that no matter how good things are going for you, every time you hop on social media there is inevitably someone who is getting to their goal faster and you’re inclined to think: Maybe I’m doing the wrong thing and I should do what they’re doing.

And this is part of what keeps people stuck.

They hop and hop and hop from one thing to the next without fully being invested in any of them.

They’ll dip their toe into the pool of “hope and promise” without diving all the way in.

To be fair, not every option out there is worth working through and certainly, in my case, not every salesperson soliciting their service to me can provide me with the success I want.

With fat loss, if you want lasting success, you need to not only work but be patient and continue to tweak and refine, tweak and refine.

With owning a business, if you want lasting success, you need to not only work but be patient and continue to tweak and refine…

The best marketers know how to find your pain points to get you to “Buy Now” and you know just as well as I do that just because someone found your area of vulnerability doesn’t mean they can provide you a solution.

Be fully invested in yourself and to lovingly steal the words of one of our coaches here at the Rev, Nick Morton: “You have to be willing to bet on yourself.”

Because maybe what you need less of is what worked for someone else and what you need more of is the confidence and belief that you have all the tools you need, you just need to use them.