It’s A Good Time To Unfollow

Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve connected with hundreds of fellow coaches and health professionals who are looking to expand their reach and serve more people.

Social media gives us platforms to be able to connect with potential clients all across the globe and sell our services and products.

When I was still actively hosting my podcast, many of those same professionals took time out of their day to come on as guests and share their wisdom with my audience (and theirs).

And with each passing year, I find myself continuing to learn more about areas of nutrition and health that I feel would best serve the demographic who seek my help.

As of my last look, the majority of my clients (approximately 70%) identify as female. Within that majority, the age range I serve the most is between 35 and 55.

As a result, I have tried to tailor much of my content (especially on platforms like Instagram) to appeal to that demographic without completely turning away the remaining 30 or so percent male followers or anyone outside of the age range mentioned above.

My fellow coaches who utilize social media are no different. They have an avatar that they want to focus on and their content reflects that focus.

Which is why I’ve been starting to unfollow some of these coaches recently.

It’s not because I don’t trust their information.

It’s not because I don’t like them on a personal or professional level.

It’s because the content they’re promoting does not serve the same people I do, or it may not be helping me grow as a coach.

They have their audience, I have mine, and we each have a place to thrive and create.

Mind you, there are some people I will continue to follow because I like the way they deliver information. I find that there are things I can learn from them.

And, I have always advocated for people to unfollow anyone who makes them feel as if they are a lesser person.

The space you curate on social media should (in my opinion) be a safe place; a place where you feel welcome, where you feel accepted and where you feel you can achieve the best version of yourself.

Curate that space with care.

Unfollow anyone who makes you feel like you cannot achieve the best version of yourself.

Life is too short to waste seconds, minutes, or hours digesting content that no longer serves the person you are today.

It’s also my open invitation to you that if my message and content, in its ever evolving state, is not helping you, I won’t take any offense at all if you unfollow my work as well.

We’re all trying to get a little bit better, in every way we can, every day.

Unfollow the influencers who stand in your path.