Open For Business?

This is Day 5 in my 30-day blogging journey. For insight into this experiment, read Day 1.

A few years ago, I attempted to grow out my beard.

I’ve messed around with my facial hair for the better part of 17 years but this was my first try at just trying to grow it all out and see what came of it.

It wasn’t what I had hoped for.

Some areas were full, some were not and it just looked sloppy.

So, I decided to try my luck at some barber shops in the area to see if they could style what was there to make it more appealing.

Some barber shops use clippers.

Some use straight razors.

I prefer the latter but, if I’m not careful, too much product on my face will make me break out like I did when I was a freshman in high school.

Also, not appealing.

I found a gentleman who was able to style it as close to ideal as I could get it.

He was fast but he wasn’t cheap.

I also figured I’d have to see him about once a week because my razor skills were not on par with his.

There was just one problem.

His hours of availability.

His hours were posted outside of his shop but that didn’t guarantee he would actually BE there during those hours.

He also would have his OPEN sign on from time to time during scheduled open hours and also not be there.

He did conveniently have his cell phone number posted so that customers could call him but he wouldn’t necessarily answer.

What a drag.

So, I kept looking and found another barber shop. They were about on par with the previous barber and at a comparable price.

The upside?

They were ALWAYS available when I needed them. No appointment necessary.

As a result, up until I started changing the way I styled my facial hair, that’s where I took my business: to the place that had the availability.

We run two separate training blocks at my studio: typically 530a-10a and 230p-5ish on weekdays.

They aren’t traditional hours and it’s not a “traditional” business.

I don’t have hours posted and there is no OPEN sign.

However, after documenting all of this about my barber shop experience, I’m rethinking having my hours posted.

What I do know is that if the hours are posted, we WILL be here to service our clients during those times.

What’s the point of being open if you’re not actually…open?

(Photo courtesy of Tim Mossholder)