Maintaining Weight Through The Holidays

An intentionally short post this week…

I’m writing this in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Depending on where you are and who you are in the world, these holidays may have a little or a lot of significance for you.

On the heels of Christmas will be New Year’s, another holiday centered around food, celebration and possibly alcohol.

And then…the calm arrives.

Rather, there’s a span of time where the parties and events and gift giving and emotional chaos shrink back and give people a chance to breathe and perhaps try to succeed at New Year’s resolutions.

I’m writing this to remind you that it’s okay if you don’t lose any weight between now and January 1.

If fat loss is a priority for you, that’s perfectly fine. Just remember that now is a criminally difficult time to focus on fat loss.

That doesn’t make it impossible it just means that you arguably have more things competing for your attention, your mental health, your schedule and your bank account than at any other time of the year.

Asking you to be successful at fat loss, which is already stressful enough as it is, is maybe more than you can do right now.

However, you can focus on another skill, which is maintaining your weight.

Give yourself a buffer of say, 3-5 pounds.

Allow yourself that room throughout the remainder of the year.

You can change that buffer if you’d like with one guiding question: How far behind do I want to be when the holidays are over?

There’s no wrong answer. Just measure what amount of surplus you’re mentally okay with and stay within those parameters.

You don’t need to count calories.

You don’t need to slog away on the treadmill.

You don’t need to measure your uncooked steak to make sure you’re getting in enough protein.

Just breathe, have some grace and forgiveness, and focus on time with your family, with your friends and try to find some moments to give yourself some attention and care.

If I don’t take the chance to tell you again before the end of the year, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas no matter how you choose to celebrate it.