Are You Moving The “Big Rocks” For Progress?

Late last year, I reconnected with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky. He and I had been connected through social media for several years and when I first started my podcast, he was one of the first guests to join me.

Spencer was about to launch an exercise program called LiftRx where he partnered with a physical therapist and exercise specialist (Alex Bryce and Alex Sterner, respectively) to build an affordable exercise platform for his followers to participate in. It allowed those who have access to gym equipment or minimal equipment to follow along with new monthly workouts to incorporate a training plan into their lives.

As a component of LiftRx, Spencer also had his eyes set on a nutrition program and selected myself along with four rather talented ladies (Shout out to Michelle, Rachel, Alja and Sarah!) to help him launch it.

If you know anything about Spencer’s work, you’ll know that in all of his years of practicing family medicine as well as being an obesity and lipid specialist, he cuts through the myriad of b.s. that’s entrenched in diet information.

Spencer manages the delicate balance of having a considerate bedside manner as well as a sense of humor to approach how he coaches nutrition to his patients and social media followers. Over the years that I’ve been connected with him, I’ve been inspired by his work and shared vast amounts of it with my own clients.

When the opportunity came to join forces with him, it was a no-brainer.

Last week, after a couple of months in a beta format, Spencer officially launched Big Rocks Nutrition Coaching.

I wanted to take just a few moments to take some inspiration from it to craft this week’s article.

Specifically, what exactly do we mean by Big Rocks?

Well, a lot of that depends on your goals and what you bring to the table in terms of diet history, medical challenges, philosophies around food and more.

While not exhaustive, “big rocks” to progress can be:

-Making sure you get enough protein to achieve your goals and complement your training

-Helping you understand how and why a maintenance break can be helpful for psychological and physical reasons

-Understanding how medication can work for and against you with fat loss (Spencer oversees any prescriptive advice)

-Helping you break free from overly restrictive and inflexible diet approaches

-Encouraging your movement to support fat loss efforts (whether that’s raising your step count or making sure you’re fueling your workouts.

-Offering you judgement free coaching, so that no diet approach or food choice has a negative reflection on you

-Fostering tracking methods in the short term to get realistic views of calorie intake and how to modify to to see progress

-Knowing when to dive into the nuance of calories and macros and when to pull back

-Reminding you to drink more water!

-Supporting your efforts for better sleep hygiene so that your diet doesn’t pay the price

-Ultimately, helping you have a better relationship with food than you did when you began

I’m also proud to announce that the initial launch was more successful than we imagined and, as of this writing, potential new clients are on a waitlist for the next opening.

Speaking for myself, it’s been a great experience. Aside from the clients I’m working with face-to-face at RevFit, I get to work with clients from across the globe within the Big Rocks platform.

And, it helps me to work with such a talented group of coaches that I can learn from as well.

If you’re interested, consider getting on the waitlist. Whether you work directly with me or one of my colleagues, we’ll help you figure out what the Big Rocks are so that the change you deserve to see is finally within sight.