46 Little Things You Can Do To Live A Better Life

Rumor has it that I turned 46 this week. As I haven’t done a list this lengthy in a while, I thought I’d go rapid-fire and give you some ideas to make your life a little bit better, happier or healthier. Feel free to revisit the list routinely as what applies to you now may be different in a few months. This list is in no particular order.

  1. Tip your server 50% of the cost of the meal the next time you dine out.
  2. Drink more water.
  3. Find an exercise routine or fitness community that you love and commit to it for 90 days.
  4. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than normal.
  5. Watch your favorite comedy movie.
  6. Buy coffee for the person behind you when you’re at the drive-thru.
  7. Read a book. Preferably physical. Bonus points if it’s hardcover.
  8. Visit an art museum.
  9. Purge your fridge/pantry/freezer of any foods that aren’t getting you closer to your goals.
  10. Take a candlelit bubblebath.
  11. Go for a hike/trail walk.
  12. Find a recipe that directly correlates to your heritage/ancestry. Cook that for dinner.
  13. Use your “Netflix & Chill” time to “Netflix & Treadmill.” A 30 minute episode/walk is perfect.
  14. Talk to a therapist.
  15. Find one vegetable you’ve never cooked with and pair it with a lean source of protein for dinner
  16. Buy a meal for someone who’s dining by themselves the next time you see it at a restaurant. Stay anonymous.
  17. Support local business.
  18. Slow dance with your spouse/significant other. Each of you picks a song.
  19. If you imbibe, buy something 50% more expensive than you normally drink. Treat yourself but take time noticing if the increase in price equates to an increase in quality. Bonus points if you can pick out the tasting notes.
  20. Get a therapeutic massage.
  21. Get a manicure/pedicure/facial.
  22. Purchase some new cologne/perfume. If need be, get your spouse/significant other to help you pick it out.
  23. Support your local theatre and music venues. Go to a show.
  24. Send a handwritten thank you card to someone and show them how much you appreciate them in your life.
  25. Write a love note (handwritten) to your spouse/significant other. Cheesy notes apply. Bonus points for being nostalgic.
  26. Think of your favorite song from the last 3-6 months. Download it if you haven’t already and take it for a car test: Drive down the road/highway (speed limit please) and play it LOUD. You might want to hit repeat.
  27. Buy your favorite treat/dessert. Share it with someone you love.
  28. Hug your child. Tell them how much you love them. Fur babies count if kids don’t apply.
  29. Put together a Lego set or puzzle. Pick something you enjoy but a piece count that won’t stress you out.
  30. Write down everything that is currently upsetting you or giving you anxiety. Put the list away in a drawer and revisit in a couple of days to see what items have been resolved.
  31. Turn off the news.
  32. Unfollow people and pages on social media who don’t make you feel better about yourself, your life, and your body.
  33. Write a letter to someone you’ve lost whose presence you miss in your life. Detail some of your most treasured times together.
  34. Pray/meditate.
  35. Donate to a local charity that has personal significance for you. You can also volunteer for them if they have a special event coming up.
  36. Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in over two years.
  37. Compliment three people today.
  38. Go for an evening getaway. You don’t have to go far. Find a restaurant worth dining in, grab a hotel room or AirB&B, and make sure you sleep in the next day.
  39. Grab your spouse/significant other, hold them as tightly as you can (reasonably of course), kiss them like they matter, look them in the eyes and tell them you love them.
  40. Have mind-blowing sex. Preferably with the person in #39.
  41. Laugh. If you don’t want to look silly laughing out loud by yourself, call a friend who you can count on to make you laugh.
  42. Limit your screen time. This includes phone, computer, tablet, and television. If it benefits children, it can benefit you, too.
  43. Take a deep belly breath. Hold it. Release slowly to a count of 5. Repeat if necessary.
  44. Lift some weights. Make sure you challenge yourself.
  45. Limit caffeine consumption to only the first few hours after waking. Stick to water afterwards.
  46. Remind yourself that you matter, you are worthy, you are capable, and you can. Remove any verbiage or influence that states otherwise.