Revolutionary You! #167-BONUS-Julie Tussey, Jeani Patek and Jason Leenaarts: Jason Coaches Jeani on The Julie Tussey Show

In this week’s bonus episode, I partner up with my friend and online client, Julie Tussey to cross-promote on both of our podcasts. We are joined by Julie’s assistant, Jeani (pronounced Gina) and we air an online client consultation. Like Julie, Jeani is looking to succeed with her weight loss goals and she was kind enough to give me a great deal of information before we hit record on this episode. What you’ll hear is a snapshot of some of the work I try to do in helping clients reach their goals. To learn more about Julie, check out To learn more about your host, visit and You can also like our Facebook page at Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review.

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