A Year In The Life Of The “Biscuit”

Sebastian turns a year old this week (August 3.)

Both Marissa and I have no idea where this past year went.

And every parent shares the same belief: Time flies.

Early on, I started calling him “Peanut” and Marissa said “I think he looks like a Biscuit.”

Well, you didn’t have to tell this Southern boy twice. I was raised on biscuits, so Biscuit is what stuck. To this day, I still have people say to me, “I can’t believe you’ve nicknamed your boys “Meatball” and “Biscuit.”

It’s easy. I’m weird and I like food. (Ha!)

I think I can sincerely speak for Marissa and myself by saying, it’s been a very special year for the two of us. I won’t lie, there are elements of being a father for the second time that was kind of scary for me.

Because there’s another element to this that needs mention.

I asked Jackson’s mom for separation shortly after he was born so I was not a huge part of his upbringing in the first year or so of his life.

So, being a part of Sebastian’s life on (almost) a daily basis has sort of been like a first for me. There are parts of it that I find easier than expected and parts that are genuinely tough.

By and large, Sebastian is a really happy baby. Even when he’s under the weather, he wants to be happy in the worst way so it’s not hard to get a smile out of him. And, giving credit where it is absolutely due, Marissa’s background in musical theatre guarantees that Sebastian has built-in entertainment every day of his life.

In all honesty, I can’t celebrate a year in the life of our son without celebrating the same year in the life of my wife. She’s the one who shoulders the majority of the load in how he’s raised and she’s the one who sacrifices the most in terms of time, energy, sleep and resources to make sure that our baby boy has all he needs to thrive.

And make no mistake, he loves his mother (I don’t blame him.)

Many people asked, “How do you think Jackson will be with him?”

And for those who don’t already know, Jackson is nearly 10 years older, lives with his mom full-time and has autism so it was going to be interesting to see how the boys would do with each other.

His mother and I assumed correctly that Jackson would probably be fine having a little brother. He has always been a self-sufficient little guy and is generally not concerned with what’s happening around him. So, while he acknowledges that there is a baby here he generally doesn’t engage unless asked to do so. But, that’s when the “magic” happens.

Jackson is arguably the sweetest big brother in the world. He sings to Sebastian, rocks him, walks him, you name it. I haven’t taught him how to change a diaper yet though. Maybe we’ll work on that!

Sebastian has also become another mascot to RevFit along the way. As I’ve been cooking more and more, he has been implemented into my food posts as “sous chef” to give some extra support to Dad. Because those posts go out into several different social media communities, there are literally people across the globe who see not only what we’re eating that night but whatever my sous chef is getting into as well.

He started walking a little over a month ago and he’s just now getting to the point where walking is far more interesting that crawling. Of the few words he’s saying you’ll hear “mama”, “that”, “dada”, “Booma (Marissa’s grandmother)” and of course the occasional screaming just because he likes the way it sounds. I blame that on his Mom, of course (Come on now, Dad’s an angel…)

As I joke with my wife, if Sebastian is throwing a tantrum he inadvertently got that from her. If he’s getting into something he shouldn’t be, that’s most likely what he got from me. It’s such a foregone conclusion I’ve been telling people he’ll be in jail by time he’s 5. He even has that look (masquerading as a smile) that says “Just wait, Mom and Dad, I might be cute but I’m going to make life hell. Watch me.”

All kidding aside, it has been a whirlwind of a first year of his life. While it hasn’t been an easy year, I can say that it has made Marissa and I better for it as both a couple and as parents. To have Jackson be a part of this as well has been so special for me to see. I am a very proud dad.

As we get ready to celebrate a year in the life of the Biscuit, I write these words as a father to not one but two beautiful boys. It is a joy to share their lives and their growth with all of you who get to be a part of it.

And it is with great credit to my wife who is the champion of the household raising Sebastian to be the little boy that he is today.

I love you, all three of you. Happy Birthday, sweet Sebastian.

“We Make Great People Greater”