Is There A Simpler Solution To Your Weight Loss?

Take your pick: low fat diet, low carb diet, high fat diet, moderate carb diet, vegan diet, ketogenic diet, Mediterranean diet, gluten-free diet, intermittent fasting with a 8 hour eating window, intermittent fasting with a 24 hour fast, detoxes, cleanses and Colon Blast 3000 (this is not a real thing, yet.)

When did we start making eating so complicated?

With all of these choices: magazine stands with quick fixes, bookshelves filled to the brim with short diets for short attention spans, short-term results and long-term disappointments, it’s easy to be persuaded and misled.

So, let’s move past the calorie counting, the food apps, the diet shaming, and just focus on something else: your patterns.

Step outside of yourself, become a fly on the wall in your own life and start noticing the habits that you fall into. And since our memories have a funny way of tricking us, you might opt for writing down what you eat over the span of a few days.

Maybe you should take pictures of what you eat (for your eyes only.) Or, spread your day out and look at places where you eat a meal or skip one and if you have a tendency to snack and graze or simply go for a second serving at dinner.

Don’t forget to look at the creamer you added to your coffee this morning and that extra glass of wine you had while making dinner (plus the one you had with dinner.)

One of my online clients recently posted this observation after a week full of food tracking:

Wow what an eye-opener I’ve gotten about what I’m actually eating, when and why. My urges were stronger than my resolve to reach my goal, and I gave in to them every time. What have I learned from this week? Chips, pastry/cookies and alcohol are a big part of what’s keeping me over the weight I’d like to be.”

Over the last (nearly) decade since I opened RevFit, I’ve made it my mission to help people remove the complications from their diet without having to succumb to the traditional notion of a diet.

Yes, you do have to cut calories somewhere to succeed at weight loss and knowing where you’re supposed to be with your total intake can make the rest of the process a lot easier to deal with.

While calorie counting and measuring has a great place, it isn’t for everyone. I’ve helped clients lose weight simply by adjusting things like their sugar and creamer intake in their coffee to trim off an extra 400 calories a day.

Many people feel they’re missing the perfect diet or meal plan. They usually aren’t. They just need to have another set of eyes look at their eating habits and say “Change THAT.”

We don’t focus as much on what the sexy, new diet fads are because they’ll come and go as quickly as fads in fashion. We focus on the basics: real food, real training, real people, real results.

And if you need our help to be that “fly on the wall” to troubleshoot for you, you know where to find us. 🙂

“We Make Great People Greater”