#19-Evidence Based Nutrition With Danny Lennon

Danny Lennon joins me this week, coming straight out of Ireland to share his nutrition wisdom and insight. For those who don’t know, Danny hosts one of the most popular nutrition podcasts available with Sigma Nutrition Radio. He takes time out of his busy schedule to talk about not only his background in nutrition, but his mission in delivering high-level evidence based information to the listening public. We discuss GMOs, gluten-free diets, Paleo diets and more. Danny gives listeners tips for being better critical thinkers when it comes to the nutrition advice that we receive. I can’t recommend his podcast enough for anyone who wants a greater understanding of what’s happening on the forefront of nutrition research. You can find out more about Danny’s work at www.sigmanutrition.com Learn more about your host, Jason Leenaarts, at www.jasonleenaarts.com