A Life Of Perfection

I woke up yesterday morning: bright-eyed, well-rested. I didn’t even need my alarm clock.

Sebastian slept through the night without a stir and Marissa slept well also.

My morning coffee was on point, I got some reading in, got my email inbox to zero, washed up without delay and got to work with time to spare before my first client.

I spent a few minutes preparing programs for a handful of clients who needed updates and was amped up, ready to face my day.

Client sessions went flawlessly, everyone seemed to be feeling the vibe off of my day. No dragging feet, no frowns, just pure excitement and great attitudes to get through the work day.

My own workout went great, hit a couple of personal records, ate my food (portions and all) in line with my goals so I felt like a million bucks all day.

I paid some bills to keep finances current and didn’t feel the least bit stressed about waiting for certain bills to clear before I could pay others.

I had a few moments to talk to Marissa in the middle of my work day and it sounds like her day was going as seamlessly as mine.


Scratch that, Life.Is.Great.

Come to think of it, I didn’t hit any red lights coming to and from work so I was able to make it home in a reasonable time frame each direction.

I cooked dinner for Marissa and myself, got to enjoy some relaxing time with the family and was in bed at a decent time so I could get a full night’s sleep only to repeat another day of flawless living.

Does something sound wrong with this?

Well, for one, my days never go like this. Not ever. Some days, there are bits and pieces of this description that might be accurate. I’ll let you decide which of those are more realistic than others.

More often than not, there are several of these items that can (and do) go wickedly off track and (potentially) set me in a tailspin.

And no matter how many times it happens that I don’t get to live a “perfect” day, I don’t cash in my chips and say “Oh the hell with it, let’s just give up on life too.”

Funny thing, we treat our diets like that.

If we can’t fit in our perfect bouts of exercise, we might resort to being slugs.

If we can’t eat the way we’re supposed to in line with our goals, we might eat everything in sight.

If the work day gets the best of us, we might console ourselves with comfort food.

Truth be told, I have no idea what perfect looks or feels like. As much as I love my wife, our marriage isn’t perfect. As much as I love my boys, I am not a perfect father. As much as I love my work, I don’t know what a perfect day looks like.

So, it stands to reason that I don’t expect my clients to be perfect. I just expect (and encourage) them to try and keep trying.

All this aside, much of your success will come from a certain level of forgiveness. The workouts won’t be perfect and neither will the diet and neither will your lifestyle.

It’s fine. You’re good.

You can still progress.

You can still move the needle.

You can still succeed.

You just may have to get that idea of “perfect” out of your way because it’s setting up shop as a distraction from your goal.

Here’s a little shot of one of our RevFit power couples: Roger and Cherie. And while they’re pretty close to perfect, I can assure you that what helps them succeed is a realistic outlook, a slow and steady approach to success, forgiveness when the curveballs come their way, and consistency to the plan. 29355252_1846196072059586_7980010397282196450_o