#185-BONUS-Scott Burgett: Q&A With Plant Based Scotty

I haven’t done an episode like this in some time but in preparation for this bonus episode of the show, I went directly to our RevFit community to ask what questions they were burning to get answered by Scott Burgett (aka Plant Based Scotty) today. In this episode, we talk about myths and misconceptions about plant-based eating, veganism, raw foods and adequate protein intakes. There is a great deal of awesome information here. To learn more about Scott, check out www.plantbasedscotty.com , www.instagram.com/plantbased_scotty and www.facebook.com/plantbasedscotty To learn more about your host, check out www.jasonleenaarts.com and www.revfittherapy.com You can also like our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/revolutionaryou Download, subscribe, share with your friends and please take a moment to leave us an iTunes review. 

Source: #185-BONUS-Scott Burgett: Q&A With Plant Based Scotty