Surgical Focus

*The title of this post was taken from the Guided By Voices song of the same name*

This past weekend, I filmed a little motivational video (with the help of my oldest son, Jackson) for one of our closed communities reminding clients to stay focused.

Not just because it’s the holidays.

When I coach clients in the studio pushing their physical limits with back squats, traplifts, and bench presses, focus is immensely important.

On those rare occasions when a client feels a little tweak, the conversation might go:

ME: What happened on that rep?

CLIENT: I lost my focus, I was thinking about X, Y, Z instead.

Focus matters.

It reminds you to brace your core and engage your breathing before you start the rep.

It reminds you to tune out the noise around you: music, conversation, etc.

It forces you to pay attention to the task at hand: the perfect rep.

Not only with the heavy lifting, focus matters for diet too.

Focusing on your hunger allows you to ask yourself:

Am I truly hungry or am I bored/stressed/anxious and filling that void with food?

Focus allows you to make choices that lead you closer to your goal.

Focus reminds you to eat something before you go grocery shopping so you don’t buy every hyper-palatable treat that you pass by (Winter Oreos anyone?)

Focus is that gentle voice in your ear that says “You have a goal to reach and you have every tool at your disposal to reach it.”

Focus is what you might lose if I keep this post going too long.

And this is Gary, laser-focused on his traplift PR.