True Companion

*The title of this post was taken from the Marc Cohn song of the same name*

My wife and I celebrate three years of marriage this week (October 11.) This December will mark eight years of our relationship when we decided to be an item.

For those who don’t know much about us, I am basically an introvert (which runs counter to the person I am on social media.)

My wife is the one who wants to be out in nature, seeing new places and always seeking a new adventure. She is the extrovert (which also runs somewhat counter to the person she is on social media.)

I tend to be more organized, ritualistic, and a bit of a control freak (with a dash of obsessive compulsive disorder somewhere in there.)

Marissa is less organized, tends to lose things, and only really obsesses over holidays like Halloween, Christmas and anything involving Disney.

And as you can imagine, our opposing characteristics present their own sets of challenges.

But after nearly eight years of being with her, our biggest challenge is time.

Time together, time with Sebastian and time with my son, Jackson (on the weekends that he is with us.)

Lack of that time is what tends to spark 95% of the disagreements throughout our relationship.

But when you run two businesses and have two children to occupy your time with, time is not something we have in abundance.

So, it has always been about how do we have more quality in our time when we can’t have much more quantity?

Throughout all of this, there is no greater person I could imagine having by my side than Marissa. She fills in nearly all the gaps of my life and I know what kind of person I was before I met her. Those gaps were deep and wide.

There’s a funny thing that happens with relationships over time. People change. Life circumstances demand that change. Even still, when things have a tendency to get tense, it’s easy to say “You’re the not the person you used to be.”

And in our case, I would say that’s mostly a good thing.

The changes that Marissa and I have gone through over these years have sometimes forced us into a maturity that we both needed to experience to appreciate.

And then of course, there is our newest adventure by welcoming Sebastian into our lives.

Last week, Marissa celebrated her 33rd birthday. She posted a picture on social media of she, Sebastian and our rotten boxer, Dempsey by stating “33 is growing on me.”

Like a fine wine (as they say), I believe we both get better with time.

So , this week’s post has nothing to do with health, fitness, weight loss or motivation.

It’s just a small little love note to my wife who weathers every storm with me.

My true companion…happy anniversary, hot stuff.