Tricks Of The Trade

*The title of this post was taken from the F.O.D. song of the same name*

When you’ve had the good fortune and honor of working with hundreds of clients over a particular time span, you learn a lot. In my case, I know I have. Fortunately for both myself and my clients, I keep trying to learn because I know that no matter who I work with and no matter what trends I see, I will have never seen it all and there will always be exceptions.

That being said, we are all creatures of habit. Those habits create patterns. Those patterns become our life, our lifestyles and perhaps manifest in our physiques.

When I initially sit down with a client to discuss a food plan that will help them hit their goals, I try to explain how much of the plan is personality driven. Meaning, my personality is different from yours so we may not be able to follow the same plan for the same results. It’s of huge importance for any person to know who they are to pick the right plan. Sort of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” for weight loss or wellness goals.

Some people need daily caloric intake goals.

Some need detailed macronutrient (protein/carbs/fat) goals.

Some need to stop eating so much at dinner.

Some need to stop nighttime snacking.

Some need to cut back the alcohol.

Some need Weight Watchers.

Some need a trendy diet.

Some need to stop drinking so many liquid calories (aside from but not excluding alcohol.)

And some still need to be more honest with themselves about how much they are ACTUALLY consuming.

Want to know something cool? Every one of those types of people trains with me right now.

I would be foolish to assume that every trick I have up my sleeve will help someone with weight loss. I have a lot of tactics to offer. I have a lot of tips that can help. I do not have them all.

For instance, let’s use the Weight Watchers example. I currently have 2 clients (off the top of my head) who are on the WW program and seeing good results. Fact of the matter is, it’s a helluva lot easier to count 30 points than it is 1400 calories. No harm, no foul.

I have about 5 clients who bounce from one trendy diet to the next. I’m fine with that too. If it makes someone more cognizant of intake, forces them into a deficit and they believe they can sustain it, more power to them. It’s not my place to judge. It’s my place to support and troubleshoot.

I have an undetermined amount of clients who have looked at me frustrated and confused when the scale doesn’t budge. They are adamant that they are eating on point and staying the course. Fast forward a few weeks/months when the scale weight starts dropping and I ask:

“What are you doing differently?”

To which the reply is:

“I’m watching what I eat…”

Hmm. 🙂

The point of all of this is not to judge the path. It’s to highlight the path. It’s also to note the extremely important fact that no journey is the same. What works for one will not work for another. Just because someone starts training with me and SAYS “I’m ready to lose weight” does not mean they are in fact ready. They may need to take these small baby steps and stumble a few times to get ready. I’m okay with that too.

The worst thing for me to do as coach/trainer/friend/confidant is to remain dogmatic in the approach.

I care that the weight comes off.

I care that you are responsible with it.

I care that you can sustain the weight loss and not rebound.

I care that you care enough about yourself to believe you deserve to reach your goal.

The tricks of the trade just might help along the way.