The System Of 1000 Lies

“The title of this post was taken from the Morgan Delt song of the same name.”

We have a coffee table at my studio in between two lounge chairs. Over the years, I’ve tried to subscribe to fashion and fitness magazines so people could peruse them if they wanted to. Over time, I’ve decided to shift away from some of the selections. I’ve almost completely stopped subscribing to fitness magazines. I think I’ve just grown tired of the “Get Fit Quick” promises. I’m also sick of the advertisements in those magazines for nutritional supplements. Most of the ones that are advertised are garbage. You might actually get more benefit eating the dirt out of your backyard than taking some of that stuff.


Not to mention, all of those fashion magazines. Never mind the fact that you have to sift through more ads just to read an article. Should I even bring up the photoshopped bodies that people manage to compare themselves to?

Don’t even get me started on all of the crap supplements that roughly 10-20% of your friends on social media are selling either. If it includes attending a supplement party so you can be part of the cool kids, I would advise you to stay at home. This isn’t to disrespect the people who do this. We want to believe there is a shortcut and we want to believe our friends who tell us there is a shortcut (because it “works” for them.)

I understand the allure though. There’s something really enticing about extra streams of revenue and having an endless network of friends (and their friends, and their friends) to sell to. Hell, maybe I should quit my day job.

Much of what you see in fitness media, fashion magazines, and the walls of your local nutritional shop is useless. As in: it will do you no good to aspire to, subscribe to, or indulge in. Why? Because you aren’t that person being featured in that ad. You’re different. Chances are, the model in the picture doesn’t take that supplement or perform that workout in real life.

I don’t think any one person or company really tries to be dishonest. But there are staffs of marketers who know exactly which of your buttons to push to get you to buy (and buy now.)

Bags under your eyes? Take this cream!

Workouts need a kick? Take this pink pre-workout powder!

Six-pack abs? Try this 3-week ab routine!

Bat wings for arms? Do some bench dips!

Feeling sluggish? Drink more coffee (who cares that it’s 4pm!)

No thanks.

You’re smarter than this.

The “system” will mislead you. The “system” will make you think there’s something missing from your life.

There’s probably nothing missing per se.

You just might be kidding yourself about how hard you’re actually working at change or lying to yourself about how much (or how little) you actually ate today.

There is a very small chance that something needs to be checked out with your doctor. Legitimate, but small (check it out anyway.)

You might need a different set of eyes to see what could be going wrong.

At RevFit, there’s no supplement to sell. No quick-and-easy promises that can’t be fulfilled. We work hard, we have a good time, and you get to go back to living your life.

We just want to be part of the journey in helping you get there…no rush.