Brian H.

I have worked out for more years than I care to count and so I came to Revolution Fitness with a pretty good understanding of physical training, or so I thought. After leaving my job in December 2008, which kept me away from home for most of the year, I decided that I would indulge myself and get serious about my workout with a personal trainer. Meeting Jason was one of the best things I could have done for my workout routine. He taught me exercises I didn’t know existed and gave a real work out to muscles I hadn’t focused on before. More importantly to me, he stressed the importance of a good diet. I’m not a chef but I enjoy good food and eating out frequently was a big part of my routine not to mention my love of all things sweet. So focusing on shopping for good foods, preparing them and throwing out the cakes and cookies was not small thing for me to accomplish. Jason was a great resource for healthy eating and guiding me through the world of calorie counting, body mass indexes and all the numbers I hadn’t paid any attention to in the past. I truly know that I am the only person responsible for my health and well-being but having someone like Jason to help gauge that process is very beneficial and I would highly recommend working with Jason no matter what goals you want to achieve.