Dr. Robert J. Ault

As a physician, the two most important things to me are my patient’s health and my reputation. It’s very comforting to know that when I send my patients to Jason Leenaarts, owner and certified personal trainer at Revolution Fitness & Therapy, they will be taken care of with those concerns in mind. Jason is extremely knowledgeable in the subjects of physical fitness and nutrition and works very diligently to achieve his client’s goals. He is extremely dedicated to his passion for creating happier and healthier people through his hard work, warm personality, and genuine concern for his clients. I have heard countless people express great pleasure in their experience with Jason and Revolution Fitness & Therapy. As well as a physician that refers patients to see Jason, I am also a client. In the past five months, I have personally lost 17 lbs. with Jason’s help and I am looking forward to losing another 17 more. When it comes to getting great fitness results at a great price, I would look no further than Jason Leenaarts and Revolution Fitness & Therapy.