Standing Appointments

This is Day 7 in my 30-day blogging journey, if you missed the “why” you can read more HERE.

After many years of friendly nudging, I took the advice of my chiropractor and friend, Dr. Robert Ault, to start getting routine massages.

My body takes its toll from the long hours, the high step count, the constant un-racking, loading and re-racking of weights each day plus that nagging reminder that my body is getting older not younger.

Historically, massages were something that I would treat myself or my wife to once a year or even further out than that.

It wasn’t that I didn’t see the value, I just didn’t prioritize it.

Once I got over the mental hurdle, I got standing appointments set up with our massage therapist, a gentleman by the name of Tom at the salon in our plaza (Shout out to Gavin Scott Salon).

For Marissa and myself, we each go once a month to see him and it’s been tremendously helpful for both of us.

It’s also very convenient to be able to set the appointments out a year in advance so that we don’t accidentally forget to stay on schedule.

As a result, the likelihood that we need to cancel an appointment is low and, fortunately, it’s easy to reschedule.

Doctor’s offices are typically no different. There’s the ability to set appointments far in advance and, technology being what it is, you can get text reminders of your appointments as well.

Often, we’ll hear the advice about scheduling appointments in advance so that we have a better chance to A) show up B) not schedule something else in place of.

Most of the clients at my studio schedule themselves about a week out (even though we have the ability to schedule out much further than that).

It begs the question I would ask of you: What do you need to schedule for yourself to make sure that you are:


-Focused on some degree of self care

-Getting closer to your goals

Are you letting life just happen to you or are you managing the few areas of your life that you have a say over?

(Photo courtesy of Towfiqu Barbhuiya)