I find myself hearing, reading, and using the word “permission” more than usual lately.

So, for all who are trying to lose fat and succeeding, for all who are trying to lose fat and are stuck and for all who are trying to lose fat and are somehow gaining:

You have permission to make mistakes (a lot of them).

You have permission to not always be losing fat.

You have permission to not get your calorie tracking or macro tracking “just right”.

You have permission to not go to the gym.

You have permission to not get in extra steps even though you told your coach you were going to raise your step count.

You have permission to not be absolutely perfect with this process.

You have permission to take fat loss slowly.

You have permission to lose fat quickly.

You have permission to eat the delicious food.

You also have permission to temporarily or permanently take certain foods, occasions, events, alcohol or drugs out of your schedule and repertoire.

You have permission to go on medication to help you lose fat.

You have permission to be angry, frustrated or resentful that much of fat loss is unfair.

Why am I giving you permission?

Because somewhere along the way, many of you learned that dieting is an all-or-nothing adventure and it cannot be further from the truth.

The best gift you can give yourself in this process aside from a genuine desire to be better and to pursue health as you define it, is to be forgiving of yourself.

Fat loss is hard.

Keeping the weight off is hard.

Changing your life and your patterns and your social circles and standing up for yourself and your boundaries is hard.

All I want you to be is the best version of yourself.

It may come quickly and it may take years.

Either timeline is realistic, either timeline is satisfactory.

The goal is to help you move the barriers that are in your way.

I am a guide, I am human and I promise you my diet is not perfect either.

One last thing: you have permission to succeed.

You know that, right?

(This was a post I made in a closed community on social media last week. It has been edited and repurposed for this site).