Life At 4

Our son, Sebastian, a.k.a. The Biscuit a.k.a. Homie McDudeButt, turns 4 today.

Over the last year of his life, his mother and I have seen, in grand fashion, what it’s been like to live with a “threenager”.

Much like every other toddler parent over the last year, having a child spend the majority of his time inside due to a pandemic and not be able to go to some type of daycare or socialize as most kids would typically do came at a cost.

We were not alone in coming face-to-face with that cost.

However, in the same year, Sebastian got to partake in tee-ball, karate, superhero classes and gymnastics. He transitioned his fascination with vacuum cleaners and home appliances to fire alarms, fireworks, Port-A-Potties, urinals, and science experiments. He normally had colossal meltdowns if we did not give him immediate access to fire alarms, fireworks, Port-A-Potties, urinals and science experiments. Our apologies to anyone who got to witness that!

Anyone who knows me knows that I have some undiagnosed OCD issues and a nagging history of collecting things which are traits that not one, but both of my boys have. (You’re welcome!)

I recently taught Sebastian how to put records (safely) on a turntable and it was a whole new world for him. Now, we have frequent “record parties” where he/we pick out a handful of records to listen to and Sebastian does his best at forming a one-man mosh pit.

It’s entertaining to say the least.

Suffice to say, he’s had his first experience “digging through the crates” at record stores and starting his own collection of vinyl. Upon displaying all 7 of his first records, he stood back to admire his handiwork and my wife looked at me to say: That’s YOUR child.

She’s right.

Our little bundle of sunshine is now frequently found listening to songs by: Journey, Twisted Sister, Van Halen, Ramones, The Dirty Nil, Beastie Boys, Sciatic Nerve, The Charlatans and….the soundtrack to Hamilton. Some of these he came upon through the handy algorithm of YouTube and some were definitely inspired by his parents.

Sebastian still absolutely adores his big brother Jackson but, to be candid, he loves just being around other children in general.

He frequents the gym with Marissa as she is consistently training 3x/week and Sebastian is always in tow with her. Sometimes he elects to work out with his mama and sometimes he’s back in my office waiting for her to finish up.

All in all, Sebastian is carefully crafting a world that we all simply pass through and it’s going to be interesting to see if he manages to beat my timeline of thinking he might be in jail by time he turns 5. (He is my child, after all….)

This week’s post is just a little celebration to our favorite 4 year old. Sebastian, life is never a dull moment with you…even when you go nuclear because you can’t find a urinal (even though you don’t have to pee, you just want to hear how loud the flush is!)

We love you, buddy. Happy Birthday!