Come On In My Kitchen

*The title of this post was taken from the Robert Johnson song of the same name*

I’ve always enjoyed cooking.

In the time that my wife and I have been together, I just haven’t given myself enough opportunities to do so.

I should also add that my wife is a wonderful cook so I would have been hard pressed to top her.

After our son Sebastian was born (in August of this year), I wanted to take some of the load off my wife’s back by trying my hand at cooking more often.

Fortunately, I came across a series of recipe books that made my life much easier.

Scott Baptie, the founder of Food For Fitness, has been releasing a series called The High Protein Handbook for the last few years.

Each e-book has about 30 recipes leaning towards high protein options featuring many different variations including beef, pork, chicken, turkey and seafood.


I was so impressed by the collection that I bought all three and asked Scott to come on my podcast to chat about them. If you happened to miss the show, you can listen back to it here.

One of the things I was happy to note was that even though Scott includes onions in many of his recipes, my wife and I found each dish delicious without them (as neither of us particularly cares for onions.)

In addition, Scott has calorie and macro counts with each dish plus a code where you can scan the meals into your food tracking app.

The other thing I really like about these options is Scott’s prep and cooking breakdown for time so you know how long each dish will take before you can dig in.

As of this writing, I’ve prepared well over 25 different meals from those first three books and each one has been excellent.


This has also been a huge help because my wife has been working steadily to lose the baby weight since Sebastian was born and the fact that we’re not dining out as much makes it much easier to keep calories in line.

In the aforementioned podcast episode, Scott tips his hat to a new book in the collection specifically for use with slow cookers (Crockpots.) I am proud to announce that this new book has been released this week. You can purchase your copy here and get special pricing on bundles featuring the other books as well.

Like any good tip I can offer to help people on their weight loss/wellness journey, I would be doing you a huge disservice if I didn’t let as many people as possible know about Scott’s work.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

If you’re unsure that you want to spend the money (and the books are a bargain to begin with), Scott has several free recipes you can try out without spending a dime. You can check those out here.

For me, these recipes have been an amazing addition to my cooking arsenal and I have significantly more confidence in the kitchen that I had before.

I still can’t quite top my wife’s skills but I have definitely improved and that’s all that matters for me.

I have Scott to thank for that and I can’t wait to try my hand at the slow cooker options soon as well.

I should also note that for those of you on plant-based diets, Scott is working on a book for you too!

So, what are you waiting for? 😉