The Waiting

*The title of this post was taken from the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers song of the same name*

We have a nifty piece of software that, after taking some body measurements and asking some information about a client, can give us a timeline of how long it will take someone to reach their goals.

After I’ve discussed some ideal scenarios for caloric intake and we’ve played around with some macronutrient ratios, I will typically tell a client “In a perfect world, assuming few to no curveballs along the way, it will take you “x” amount of time to get to where you want to be.”

We know that life doesn’t work in that picture perfect, linear fashion.

In fact, I have only a few stories of clients along the years who have seen weight loss happen that way. They are not the norm.

The most disappointing part of weight loss (or muscle gain for that matter) is how long it can take.

Say I’ve given a client a timeline of approximately six months to lose 30lbs. That’s not an unreasonable amount and it is actually very realistic without any aggressive crash dieting, detoxes or cleanses.

It’s somewhat easy to imagine: Wow, I could be at my dream weight in just six months! I haven’t been that weight in 10 years!

But then, life does what life does and it rudely interrupts.

It could be a Monday holiday that gives you a 3 day weekend (Hell, let’s get nuts on Friday!)

Or it’s the bender you go on when your boyfriend breaks up with you via text message…that bastard…

What about the late nights you have to work because your boss gave you someone else’s work on top of your own (Pizza anyone?)

It’s things like this that remind you, you might have a goal but you can’t just shut life off outside your door and expect it to be along for the ride.

And that’s why the “waiting” is one of the most frustrating things to deal with when you’re trying your best to succeed.

That’s also why consistency trumps nearly everything else in this game.

Having goals is great.

Controlling your environment to help you stay the course is vital.

Forgiving yourself when you screwed up (and you probably will) is mandatory as well.

Buckling in, enjoying those little bits of progress no matter how they come and enjoying the ride is basically a non-negotiable…if you plan on succeeding.

And as Mr. Petty so eloquently sang “The waiting is the hardest part.” (Rest in peace, Mr. Petty)