Your Mother Should Know

*The title of this post was taken from The Beatles song of the same name*

It’s a few days early but as of the release of this post, Mother’s Day is just days away.

I’ll start tributes like this:

To my mother, you have weathered nearly every storm in my life. Losing Dad proved to be our biggest challenge to date but you have been one of my most fervent fans and supporters for all of my 41 years. You inspire me, you guide me and you teach me. I know that we have tried to take the best of my Dad’s attributes and apply them to our lives, our work and our relationships. Thank you for all you have done to help me live a better life. In this lifetime, I will never be able to repay you, financially or emotionally, but I will always strive to.

To my mother-in-law, who knew that 8 years ago when we first met, that you not only would be my first client but eventually would be there to see me marry your only child? That certainly wasn’t part of the plan but I can’t imagine it going another way. Thank you for taking a chance on me and my business, once upon a time, and thank you for raising the woman I now call my wife. The last 8 years have proven to be a ride that no amusement park could house (and I mean that affectionately.) I am in your debt.

To the mother of my firstborn son, you have raised a perfect child. Jackson is happiness by any definition. I know what you have sacrificed to give him all he could need in life and there is nothing I can do to compare with that except love him in only a way that a father can. My hat goes off to any parent raising a child with special needs but specifically to you because I know how much he adores you and everything you do to make his life a success.

To every mother who currently is at the Rev working their asses off to show their families “how it’s done.” This includes Debbie L., Candy H., Deb A., Lisa M., Christina S., Jo W., Sarah B., Randy W., Stacey R., Laura D., Cherie E., Cherie S., Stephannie R., Jeanne V., Bronwyn C., Alyssa F., Diane B., Tatsyana H., Marta W., Mary J., Julie B., Megan W.,, Cheryl R., Lisa M., Pat C., and Mary J. (Damn, I hope I didn’t forget any Moms in this list!!) You are the role models for your families. You set the stage, you shine the light, and you make greatness happen. We are all in this together and believe me when I say, I learn so much about true love when I see what you all do for your children and your families. W-O-W.

Last, but certainly not least, my wife. In roughly three months, our first child together (a baby boy) will make his debut in this world. To see over the last 6 months how you have changed your life to accommodate our little guy has been an incredible experience. And, the journey is hardly beginning. I know how much of yourself and your passion for life will pour into our child. I know that you will move heaven and earth to make sure he has everything he needs to live a life fulfilled. I am grateful that I get to be the man in your life who can be a part of all of that love. Our little boy will have two parents who love him dearly, plus an amazing big brother and a rotten boxer to lick him and pester him. Sounds like a great life. 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you incredible moms…