Love Is All Around

*The title of this post was taken from The Troggs song of the same name*

Allow me to take a slight detour from my usual posts of motivation, client success, weight loss, etc. and just dedicate a small post to love. It is Valentine’s Day, after all. Or as one of my clients hilariously called it: S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day!)

Hopefully, you have someone special in your life. A spouse, domestic partner, child, parent, or just someone you have your eye on. If not, maybe the someone special just needs to be you for awhile. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little bit of self-love. It probably will take you further than you know.

Maybe you heard the news that my wife, Marissa, and I are having our first child together. The due date is tentatively August 9. I can’t begin to say how happy I am that we get to share this chapter together. I am also very excited to see my little guy, Jackson, evolve into a big brother.


So, to my favorite co-pilot: I love you. Thank you for once upon a time taking a chance on me.  Thank you for accepting not only me, but my son as well. We were (as they say) a package deal.

Through all of your years in theatre, you have managed to inspire children from far and wide. It’s now time to inspire a child of your own.

For all of the things I’ve loved about you over the years, I am truly in love with the thoughts of what type of mother you’ll become. I can promise you, the man my son helped me become was the best man I could offer you.

And in your words, our “next adventure” will be here before we know it.

I love you and I am so very grateful for you.

And to you lovely readers, I’m pretty crazy about all of you too. Because like it or not, you’re all helping me be better as well. My wife and I both thank you for that.

Happy Valentine’s Day you lovebirds. Now stop reading my blog and go give someone you love a big fat kiss.


(Photos courtesy of Sara Beatty)