We’re In This Together

*The title of this post was taken from the Nine Inch Nails song of the same name*

77 episodes and 22 articles and 1 book.

I believe that’s the content I’ve managed to push out over this past year.

77 podcast episodes between the work I do with my good friend, Blake Babcock, on Someone Has To Say It and my own show (Revolutionary You!) where I get the chance to speak to some of the brightest minds in health, fitness, wellness and personal improvement.

Along the way, I’ve tried my best to get out a new article every week since I transitioned my blogging efforts from www.revfittherapy.blogspot.com to www.jasonleenaarts.com You are more than welcome to visit the former site if you’d like to peruse more of what I’ve written in the past.

There’s also my first published book (The Revolution Is You!) which is available at Amazon or can be special ordered through your bookstore of choice.

I can comfortably say, it’s been quite a year.

I can’t go without mentioning my closed community on Facebook (Lean Arts-The RevFit Community) which has continued to morph and evolve since I started it in the fall of 2015. There you can find even more content, videos, memes, etc. Most importantly, it’s yet another place where I can celebrate the victories of my clients through every step of their relative journeys. Feel free to look us up on Facebook and get yourself added in.

I have ideas of where I want 2017 to go. I have at least the seeds of a vision.

But knowing myself, I’m sure there will be some winding detours and a couple of missteps because that, my friends, is life.

What I do know is that all of you (the readers, the fans, the clients, the vocal, the silent) have been in this with me to help shape it into something greater. Greater than anything I could have ever hoped for.

Business is booming at the Rev, the podcasts continue to be released, the book is still selling, pounds keep dropping. I love it.

As we round out 2016, I owe all of this to you. You help me improve so that I can help you improve. Funny how that works!

I hope that, by and large, your 2016 was as positive of a year for you as it was for me. Certainly there were some bumps and bruises that came along the way but that is to be expected. We all manage to endure and trudge forward.

So, as we pick ourselves up by the proverbial bootstraps and soldier on, I would like to extend yet another expression of gratitude for helping me get here.

I am very much looking forward to 2017 (with bells on, as they say.)

I hope that you are too.

As Trent Reznor so passionately sang in the song referenced in the title:

We’re In This Together.