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#294-Chris Kershaw: Focus On The Experience

I welcome Chris Kershaw a.k.a The Heavy Metal Strength Coach to the show this week. In this episode, Chris and I talk about coaching philosophies, thoughts on writing words that have an impact, how grief informs the work that we do, how he helps his clients thrive and how the UK’s response to the pandemic […]

#293-Susan Niebergall: “Fit At Any Age”

Susan Niebergall joins me for the third time on the show (see Episodes 94 and 231) and this time around, we get to talk about her excellent new book, “Fit At Any Age: It’s Never Too Late”. We discuss the pitfalls she experienced with her own weight loss journey, how she had her “a-ha” moment […]

#292-Derek Saunders: Control What You Can Control

Derek Saunders of Macros Inc. joins me this week for his debut on the show. In this episode, we talk about his journey into the industry and how his own story of weight loss informs how he coaches clients to this day. We also dive into the importance of better habits with weight loss, focusing […]

#291-A.J. Morton: FitPro Mentorship Review

A.J. Morton, of FitPro Mentorship Review, joins me this week on the show. In this episode, we talk about the origins of his Mentorship group and why it might matter not only to fellow fitness professionals but to those who hire us for professional services. This was a fascinating conversation and I think A.J. has […]

#290-Ashley Day: Change Happens When We Feel Strong

Coach Ashley Day of Kick Ash Training joins me this week. In this episode, we talk about the mental obstacles that stand in the way of our progress and how a change of perspective can be the difference in whether we succeed with our goals or not. We also talk about how a foundation of […]

#289-Melody Schoenfeld: “Diet Lies And Weight Loss Truths”

Melody Schoenfeld returns for her 4th appearance on the show this week. You can check out episodes 88, 163 and 205 to hear her former appearances. This time, we get to chat about her new book “Diet Lies and Weight Loss Truths” which she co-authored with another veteran of this show, registered dietitian, Susan Kleiner. […]

#288-Brendon Rearick: “Coaching Rules”

I am honored to welcome Coach Brendon Rearick to the show this week to chat about his brand new book “Coaching Rules”. We get to touch on his fascinating story in the industry to date and the origins of his book. On the cover, are 4 bullet points that Brendon tackles in greater depth within […]

#287: 7 Ways To Make Your Health Better In 2021

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a solo episode but due to some tech issues on my end, the show I had originally planned to release will be coming out next week instead. I give some more insight on that in today’s episode. I also take some liberties with my most recent blog […]

#286-Robert Linkul: Reinvest In You

I welcome Robert Linkul to the show for our final episode of 2020. Robert is the owner of Be Stronger Fitness and the creator of Training The Older Adult. In this episode, we touch on how the pandemic affected his brick-and-mortar business, how he has continued to improve the lives of his clients in light […]

#285-Nick Zimmerman: Fitness Should Be Accessible To Everyone

This week, I welcome the debut of coach Nick Zimmerman to the show. In this episode, we talk about what it was like for him to build his personal training clientele before the pandemic began. We also chat about how he transitioned his clients into the virtual platform and how they have thrived as a […]