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Someone Has To Say It #33-Year In Review

Oh, 2016…we cover where we’ve been, where we’re going and what we’ve experienced. Personally, professionally and socially Blake and Jason tackle the good, the bad and the indifferent of the year. Tune in to find out what our most popular episodes were and how we’re looking at expanding our efforts into 2017. Thank you for […]

Someone Has To Say It #32-Bah Humbug

We are back after a short hiatus and some failed attempts at trying to get some shows in to you sooner! We are dropping this episode off schedule but just before the holidays hit this weekend. Our inner Scrooge comes out as we talk about just what the holidays mean to us currently and what […]

Someone Has To Say It #31-Relaxxxxxxx

How do you unwind? What steps will you take to relieve stress in your life? The holidays are no exception when it comes to potentially stressful situations. The shaved domes return to talk about ways to relax, minimize stress and keep from going postal. To learn more about your hosts, please visit and Download, subscribe, […]

Someone Has To Say It #30-Gratitude

It’s that time of year again. On second thought, is there ever a bad time of the year to show gratitude? Definitely not! Blake and Jason return this week to reflect on 2016 as it’s affected us and to express our own gratitude for what the year gave us. We also touch on ways we […]

Someone Has To Say It #29-The Reaction

The election. The result. The reaction. We decided we couldn’t dance around the topic anymore. Your favorite shaved heads return to discuss our interpretation of the 2016 presidential election and the aftermath. As always, we try to bring perspective to this polarizing and volatile situation. To learn more about your hosts, please visit and Download, […]

Someone Has To Say It #28-Violence

Another hot button topic and we’re ready to discuss it. What place does violence have in your life? How do you stay proactive and prepared in the event that you’re in a violent situation? Is it possible to stay peaceful in all aspects of life? Further, how do you feel about the fact that we […]

Someone Has To Say It #27-Getting Jason Naked

You heard Blake’s take last week and this week it’s Jason’s turn. 10 questions he knows nothing about and no way to prepare in advance. From the slightly serious to trivial and a bit in-between. Tune in to hear part 2 of the “naked” series. To learn more about your hosts, please visit and Download, […]

Someone Has To Say It-#26 Getting Blake Naked

The clothes stay on (thankfully!) but some insights into Blake come out as Jason surprises with 10 questions the Babcock must answer. Some are trivial, some less so. Ultimately, Blake continues to let his guard down a bit and shine a light on life in marriage, work, and parenting. Check out this week’s episode for the details. […]

Someone Has To Say It #25-The Gifts Of Imperfection

We take inspiration this week (and share a passage) from Brene’ Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection.” Blake and Jason dive into vulnerability, fear, shame and how to find the positive in what might be otherwise negative emotions. You’ll hear how we define the attributes in our own lives and how it affects us both […]

Someone Has To Say It #24-Consider The Source

Who to trust? Who to believe? Can you keep your confirmation bias from getting in the way of sound judgment? What about the source from which you’re fed information? Can you take it all as 100% truth? The baldness fires up again to dissect what we’re told by celebrities, politicians, and more. Dive in this […]