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Someone Has To Say It-#19 Consumption Vs. Action

Podcasts, books, music, social media and more. Every day we are inundated with massive amounts of influence and information. The question was posed to us: How do you sift through it all, how do you determine what you want to consume and who influences those decisions? At what point do you decide to take action […]

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Someone Has To Say It #18-Emotions

The bald duo are back at it covering another sensitive topic: emotions. Tune in to find out how we think your emotions are affecting you at work, in society and in your relationships. Is there ever a middle ground and are emotions ever beneficial? You’ll have to listen in this week to find out how […]

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Someone Has To Say It #17-Q&A #1

We tackle our first round of listener-provided questions in this episode. Check us out to hear what we have to say about the factors involved in being successful, the myth or misinterpretations of a work/life balance, and how to know when it’s time to stay with your current employer or when to jump ship. 1:26-9:49 […]

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Someone Has To Say It #16-3 Albums, 3 Shows, 3 Books

Join us this week for a slight detour in topics! Blake and Jason dive into the 3 albums, 3 TV shows and 3 books that have left a mark on our lives. Will you be surprised or were we terribly predictable? You won’t know until you give this one a listen. We’d love to know […]

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Someone Has To Say It #15-Self Promotion

No matter where you are personally or professionally in your life, you are in the “business” of self promotion. The way that you present yourself in public or on social media, in your place of employment or in selling your wares, how you are self promoting makes a huge difference in your end result. The […]

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Someone Has To Say It #14-To Sell Is Human

Episode 14-To Sell Is Human How do you perceive sales and salesmanship? Do you cringe? Do you get excited? Do you have a mental picture of what salespeople should or shouldn’t be? Blake and Jason tackle all of this and more in this week’s episode. From the shady manipulations to the approaches that could be […]

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