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#327-Client Spotlight: Don McNair (3 of 4)

In Part 3 of our 4-Part client spotlight series, I get to introduce you to Don McNair. Don and his wife, Amy, have seen amazing weight loss with us to date and while I’ll be sharing Amy’s inspiring story at a later date, I wanted Don to have some time to shine this week. In […]

#326-Client Spotlight: Pete Trivelli (2 of 4)

In this week’s client spotlight and Part 2 of 4 where we highlight a handful of our clients here at RevFit, I get to share time with Pete Trivelli. We’ve had the opportunity to work with his wife, his daughter, his son, his sister and even his soon-to-be son-in-law. Pete also holds the throne at […]

#325-Client Spotlight: Rachel Herman (1 of 4)

One of the aspects of this show prior to changing direction with the episodes that I missed the most was client spotlights. In similar fashion to what I did with the last several guests, the next four episodes will be featuring some of our RevFit rockstars and highlighting their experiences since joining here. First up […]

#318-Dr. Allan Bacon: The Fat Loss Experience (2 of 4)

Dr. Allan Bacon and I are back this week in Part 2 of our 4-Part series together. In this episode, we talk about expectations around hunger and how to manage it, as well as the criticism and influence someone might be subject to while dieting and what to expect from our body’s responses to dieting […]