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#14-Sleep Health Solutions With Chris Muntean

In our newest episode, I continue the conversation on sleep apnea with the director of Sleep Health Solutions, Chris Muntean. Taking cues from last week’s episode with Dr. Spencer Nadolsky, Chris explains changes in technology and testing for individuals with sleep disorders. This is a fascinating conversation guaranteed to give insight and options to listeners […]

To The Extreme

Last night, one of my cousins sent me a text. She was concerned because she had been involved with a workout class in Memphis and she was having some unusual side effects. By her admission, the class was difficult and intense and she was having sporadic problems with vomiting when she was finished. Of course, […]

Pharmaceuticals, Supplements and More With Dr. Michelle Bestic

In what is always a fascinating and somewhat polarizing topic, I’m excited to sit down with Dr. Michelle Bestic. We continue a conversation we had sometime back about pharmaceuticals, the supplement industry and more. You can see our first interview at In this episode, we discuss common themes and controversies surrounding prescription medications, nutritional supplements, […]

7 Years

As I write this, it’s hard to believe 7 years have come and gone so quickly. I’m not sure exactly where I thought RevFit would be at this point but I can assure you I’m not disappointed in the least. As I continue to impress on our clients: be ready to evolve, be capable of […]

Get Your Run On! With Vince Rucci of Vertical Runner

I’m very excited to finally get Vince Rucci (owner of Vertical Runner) on the podcast. Vince is a massive wealth of knowledge and resources for our local runners and he has been a great asset to me and my clients. Vince shares his insight on why people need to be properly fitted for their shoes […]

Better Meats, Better Options at Brunty Farms With Melanie Brunty

In this week’s show, I’m happy to be joined by Melanie Brunty of local meat farm Brunty Farms. Priding themselves on raising the best in pasture and humanely raised meats in the area, Melanie discusses how it all started. We touch on the beginnings of the farm with her husband Jeff and how far things […]

Myths and Misconceptions of Foam Rolling and More With Dr. John Rusin

We are back with another rockstar episode featuring the fantastic Dr. John Rusin (AKA the Strength Doc!) Dr. Rusin is a doctor of physical therapy who has been blowing up the fitness industry over the past several years. In this episode, we discuss common misconceptions when it comes to foam rolling and other issues with […]

Six Things Your Dietitian Wishes You Knew W/ Erin Schenkenberger, RD

In this week’s episode, I’m joined by registered dietitian, Erin Schenkenberger to discuss six things that get overlooked, misinterpreted and underestimated when it comes to the information we receive when it comes to nutrition and wellness. Erin totally delivers on this episode and opens up the door for even more topics to come in the […]

“King Richard”

There’s a diner in the area that I frequent called StowNut. If you’re ever in the area, you should check it out. It’s a family owned, small town diner that serves breakfast and lunch and closes up for the day by early afternoon. Aside from the warm feeling I get when I go there, the […]