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#276-Amanda Thebe: "Menopacalypse"

The “Mary Poppins of Menopause” has returned! Amanda Thebe has released a brand new book called “Menopacalypse: How I Learned To Thrive During Menopause And How You Can Too”. We had a great conversation back on Episode #166 and this time we dive even further into the pitfalls and solutions for women who are experiencing […]

#275-Nikki Naab-Levy: Responsible Fitness Marketing

I was recently sharing time with Nikki Naab-Levy on her IG live about responsible fitness marketing and the conversation was so fascinating, I asked her to come back onto this show so we could compare thoughts on how we approach marketing in our particular stratospheres in the industry. Nikki has been on fire lately with […]

#274-Darko Botic: Relentlessly Trying To Find The Silver Lining

Darko Botic, of Macros Inc, returns to the show after a great chat back in February of 2018 (Episode #104). In this week’s episode, we talk about what the last two years have been like for him. His coaching has evolved since we last spoke and we touch on if he feels his own weight […]

#273-Shon Christy: Connect

It’s been a while since I’ve done a cross-promoted show but this week I wanted to feature my friend and client, Shon Christy, as he premieres his entry into the podcast world. Some may remember that Shon was my first “official” guest on this show and he was also featured in my most recent book […]

#272-Kate Galliett: Unbreakable

It’s been two years too long and Kate Galliett returns to the show. You can hear our first great conversation at Episode #123. In this episode, we talk about building unbreakable bodies, how we handle stress and learning how to make diet and exercise work into the chaos of our lives (especially in 2020). Download, […]

#271-James Krieger: "Fitness Science Explained"

James Krieger returns for his 4th appearance on the show this week. Check out Episodes #67, #79 and #159 for more of his insight. This week, we discuss his new book, co-authored with Michael Matthews: “Fitness Science Explained”. In this episode, James and I dive into what you should consider when you’re trying to understand […]

#270-Dr. Debi Silber: Do You Have Post Betrayal Syndrome?

This week, I welcome Dr. Debi Silber to the show. Dr. Silber is the founder of the Post Betrayal Transformation Institute and is a holistic psychologist, a health, mindset and personal development expert, the author of the #1 bestselling book: The Unshakable Woman: 4 Steps To Rebuilding Your Body, Mind, and Life After a Life […]

#269-Storme Gray: Step Up To The Bar And Leave Your Fear Behind

I was first connected with Storme Gray through our very own Kimberly Young who was also recently on this show. Storme joins me this week to discuss her journey into and around fitness and how she has embraced powerlifting to enhance not only her strength but her life as well. Storme has so many great […]

#268-Dan John: A Voice Of Reason In An Unreasonable World

Dan John joins me again for his third appearance on the show. You can reference Episodes #100 and #181 to hear those. This go-round, we discuss his brand new book “Attempts”, Dan John University, the importance of habits, thoughts on fitness “hacks” and so much more. Dan John is always a guest you’ll want to […]

#267-Erin Riffle: I Was In A Toxic Relationship With Myself

Initially, it was my intent to get as many of my clients on the show who had the desire to do so before I had a repeat performance back on. However, Erin’s story I knew would resonate with so many of my listeners that I had to bring her back to talk about it. You […]