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Revolutionary You! #179-Erin Riffle: Just Show Up

It has literally been years since I’ve turned an episode into a client spotlight and those who are currently part of the RevFit family already know the force that is Erin Riffle. Without stealing too much of her thunder, Erin has seen some pretty amazing things happen for her since she started here. Tune in […]

What Should I Weigh?

It’s a question I receive during consultations so frequently that I couldn’t deny writing something more elaborate about it. Before I delve into my take on this question, one of the best responses I’ve heard to this is by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff. His response: “…Whatever weight a person reaches living the healthiest life that they […]

Revolutionary You! #178-Jay Ashman: Reinvent Yourself

Jay Ashman of Ashman Strength and Kansas City Barbell joins me this week for his debut on the show. Jay is one of the most open and candid people I know in the fitness industry and one of the things that has drawn me to him, is his transparency about his past and how he […]

The Last Song He Heard

I grew up in a rock ‘n’ roll household. My father played bass and guitar throughout his adolescence and into adulthood. My mother was a singer. Through my father I learned to appreciate classic rock and 70’s folk music, through my mother I learned to love Top 40 pop/rock and some of the 80s hair […]

Revolutionary You! #177-BONUS-Stephanie Lee: Write For Impact

To credit any one person for the growth my writing has seen over the last year or so, it would undoubtedly be Stephanie Lee. Rather than hoard her expertise to myself (and those who have also hired her services) I had to bring her on the show so more people could connect with her as […]

Revolutionary You! #175-Dani Singer: It’s All A Mindset Game

Dani Singer is the owner of Fit2Go, an in-home personal training service. In this episode, we cover the importance of what happens outside of the training sessions to make sure clients get the best results possible. Dani breaks down why it’s crucial to focus on small, sustainable habits especially when the lives of our clients […]

Remove The Things That Mask The Pain

My client (let’s call her Jane) has been struggling to make it in to the studio for her sessions. To her credit, she works a lot of hours, owns a business and generally has a high amount of stress. Her struggle beyond this is a general sense of lethargy, the “blues” and just wanting to […]

Revolutionary You! #174-Gillian Goerzen: “The Elephant In The Gym”

I have the great pleasure of welcoming Gillian Goerzen to the show this week. She is a fellow trainer and author of the book “The Elephant In The Gym” (now available to order on Amazon.) In this episode, we not only discuss the origin of the book but the importance of self-compassion and the power of […]